Hi I'm Liz,

I'm 24 and from Manchester I'm kind of new to this beauty and fashion world, for years now I have slightly dipped me toes but no longer. About 18 months ago I started work in a large department store and my love for all things fashion and beauty have just exploded!. It started to breed not only in my work life but also into my personnel life being completely addicted to YouTube videos!. I love watching videos on anything and the thing that I love the most is the openness and honesty of bloggers spreading their knowledge and enthusiasm.

I choose the name Can't Walk In High Heels because it suited me in the sense that im always stumbleling about but don't give up and its all in the name of fashion! The reason for me starting this blog is simple I wanted to add my voice to others to review new products where to buy and most of all is it worth it.

Even though I'm new at most of this I'm very excited to be able to share my experiences, thoughts and feelings on all things beauty and fashion.

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