I wasn't sure if I wanted to do 'sad' page on my cat as I'm sure ill be judged for it, but I decided I want to and tough titty to anyone else.


I got Gizmo as an early birthday present last November from the Cat's Protection league a charity I feel strongly about. All our cats have been from Cat's Protection and here's a link to their website. It would mean the world if you could donate some pennies or look into adopting your own cat.

Gizmo was found wondering the streets not to far from me when he was just a few weeks old. He luckily was found and cared for by a lovely lady who has turned her back garden into a mini rescue shelter. When we got him he had worms and fleas but they take care of all this and his first set of jabs.

I am a little obsessed with my cat and I love him more since he's a little weird. You don't usually get cats that will fetch a ball.

Thanks for reading and watching my little clip.


  1. :D Love this page. I'm going to get a cat from cats protection in August. Absolutely love cats. xxx

    1. Omg you have to get one if it was up to me we would her loads! Proper cat lady lol

      Liz xxx