Monday, 26 November 2012

Ice Bar

Hi Guys

Now a few weeks a go me and the boy went down to London town and even though we do go quite a bit we still enjoy doing some touristy things. But even for me this was a new one, The Ice Bar and here is the link to their website.

The ice bar is at -5c at all times and completely made of ice. You get one of these very dashing capes to wear with a pair of gloves which you'll need just to hold your glass made of ice. Prices in the ice bar its self start at £12.50 to £24 for 45 mins and one drink included but other offers are available  We paid £12.50 each and was glad that was all.

We lasted about 30 mins in the cold and the boys had an extra drink but at £6 a go for a tiny cocktail I wouldn't bother having many.

Ice Bar London Review and Pictures

Ice Bar London Review and Pictures

Ice Bar London Review and Pictures

Now its a definite must for a one off one of them things everyone should do once but I don't think Ill do it again. There's a cheap bar down the end of the road that had buy one get one free at happy hour which was much better.

What did you think, have you been to the ice bar? 

Thanks for reading. 

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Peppered Leopard

Hi guys

Its been a while since I have done an outfit post for two reasons, one not actually having a camera for the best part of a month and the second being the boy taking rubbish pictures on my iphone. Last weekend we where invited to a lovely 25th wedding anniversary meal at a gorgeous country club. I would of taken pictures of the venue but since I now want my non existent wedding there I'm keeping it to myself.

Leopard print dress, Day dress outfit, classic outfits
Bet Lynch 

Leopard print dress, Day dress outfit, classic outfits
A Pint To Far

Dress - H & M £14.99
Blazer - H & M
Belt - Forever 21
Shoes - M & S (Actually my work shoes)

Now the keen eyed of you would notice I actually whore this when we went to Harry Potter but I dressed it down with no belt flat shoes and my leather jacket. This is my first leopard print dress and I have to say I love it, now everything with leopard print is catching my eye and I have to tell my self not to buy it all I don't want to turn into that girl. 

What do you think guys a classic wardrobe stable or send it to the charity shop kind of dress?

Thanks for reading