Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Chapter One

Hi guys! You may have noticed I've been absent the last two weeks or so, the boy has been away with work and I had soooo much planned so much to blog about but it didnt happen so now braise your self for continues blogger for the next few days.

Anyone that follows me on twitter and please do if you can since my twitter has been suspended for no reason. You may know why I've been absent but if not here is the reason.

My life has literally been revolving round Mr Grey since a week last Sunday and oh my has it been exciting!! Yes that's right I became obsessed with 50 shades of grey and all thanks to my friend at work.

I'm not sure if I've already told you but I'm an avid reader and usually read si-fi fantasy type books and once I start something if it's good it takes over my life. I am the proud owner of a kindle and couldn't live without it! The boy always says I love it more then I love him and oh boy I'm sorry I do, it goes gizmo kindle boy.

Many of you might of already heard about these books (there are three) as at the moment everyone I talk to (even my mum) is talking about them.

So lets start with what type of books these are, i would personally say its an erotic love story. Yes i mean erotic! so if you blush easily then maybe you should find another type of book. Ive never read this type of book before as i usually think of periode books set in some distent land aimed at women of a certain age but trust me this is not like that at all.

The story is basically set in america were a university graduate falls for a multi millionaire who has erm specific tastes in the bedroom department lets say. One word of warning with this is that since everyone is reading it don't be surprised if your reading it in public to get a few funny looks.

The books are broken down into the three stages of thier relastionship and i would pleed that you read them in order otherwise you just wont get the story in full. The first book is definatly a scene setter and quickly moves into the racy bits. The second i think is my faviourte as theres a little more story in this then in the first, and the third should i really tell you, will it spoil it. Well lets just say theres a nice mix of excitement and thrills.

I dont want to go into to much detail about the story as i dont want to spoil it but im giving these books ten out of ten and a must read!

I hope this has been helpful and I think ill do a few more book review blogs if you like this one

Thanks for reading

Liz xxx

Monday, 14 May 2012

Kid in a Candy Shop

This is quite embarrassing but I bought my first house last October with the boy but I bought a house literary 20 doors downs from my mums. Now don't get me wrong I am not still tugging on the apron strings but it is nice to be able to nip round when ever I want. For example to help my self to my mums nails polishes, I know she has a few bottles of good old OPI and I went round when she was at work for a stealth steal the OPI mission.

I literately couldn't believe my eyes when I opened her little nail polish make up bag to find this! She defiantly has been adding to this collection since I moved out. I Literately stole the whole box plus a few extras that I spotted in the cupboard.

OPI Stash

OPI Stash

OPI Stash

So here's what I picked out for a nice pick and mix look that's very summery.  Expect quite a few nail polish posts these next few weeks and please ask if there's one that catches your eye and you would like to see more of it. As I wont be giving these back in a hurry, I wonder how long it will take her to notice there missing. 

Pick & Mix

Summer Pick & Mix Nails

The two mini ones are out of a set I bought her for Christmas The Pirate of the Caribbean collection. The purple one is called Plank A Lot and the Pale Pink is Sparrow Me The Drama. The pink glitter over the top of the two nails is I Lily Love You which I think is my new favourite and I used the Barry M Basecoat, Topcoat and Nail Harder.   

Hope this inspires you for summer nails whilst the sun is shinning and thanks for reading my post :)

Liz xxx

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Warning Personal Information Blog!!

As anyone who works in retail will know its very rare to get a long weekend! but I swopped a few shifts last week to help out and it ended in me having a four day weekend, Yep you read that right first time in ages!

This is my first 'personal' blog post so let me know if you would like to read more or less of these :)

So if you have four days off but no major plans what do you do? serious question folks I would love to know

Firday, first things first a looonnnnggg lie in that is well deserved, but as usual im up about 8 o'clock with Gizmo (my cat) deciding its time I got up to feed him.

This is what I wake up to, he is actually sitting on my chest, yes I get the hint!!

Next ponder going to the gym but have a massive fail and decided to ring my dad to see if he can come and fit my cat flap for me. Which as dads do he comes straight round and cuts a hole in my back door whilst I couldn't look with nerves.

Gizmo's Own Back Door

Thanks god I had no need to panic as my dad is amazing and fitted it perfectly! The next step was trying to teach the cat to actually use the bloody thing and it only took two days and having to take the magnetic bit off it.

Saturday, impromptus decision to have a shopping trip and lunch in Manchester with the boy. Im going to do a separate blog on the things I bought and reviews but here's a sneak peak.

Manchester haul

So a few shops done and off to lunch and a cheeky drink, if your ever in Manchester I would recommend going to Albert's Shed on Deans Gates Locks its great and the lunch time menu two course for £10.95 is great value. Here's the link to their website

Fish and Chips Albert's Style

The boy had Fish and Chips and it has to be the poshest I've ever seen and it included the must have slice of bread and butter.

The Boy

Sunday! I'm not sure if some people might think its weird but I'm an active member of the walking club at work (yep big gasp). We have been going out a few months now and have done a few hard walks ie Snowden and a few easy ones, this was an easy one. I'm hoping that next year I can do the Three Peaks Challenge for the Cats Protection League as that's where Gizmo is from. We went up to the peak district this time at Castleton doing the 'Great Ridge Walk', we find our walks from the Walking Englishmen Website here's the link.
Ready to Rock & Roll

The country side is gorgeous round there and we were lucky enough to get good weather even if it was VERY windy.
Once we have finished on our walk we always go to a pub for a victory pint and this time we ended up having a Sunday lunch. If you are in this neck of the woods I would recommend The Castle Inn and you must get a chocolate brownie mmmmmmmm.

Warm Chocolate Brownie

Hope I've not bored you to much with my first 'personal' information blog but I hope you check out some of the places I've been as I've had a great weekend and as for day four! sleep eat and decorate #cries

Thanks for reading

Liz xxx

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Outfit update

Hi guys! I know you may have already seen this out fit in my blog here but I thought I would post a picture of me wearing it so you can get a better view, unfortunately I lost the picture of me without the jacket on but you get the idea.

Drinks with the girls outfit

The blazer that I added is from Topshop for £65 I bought it a few weeks ago but I'm sure you can still get it and the handbag is Mulberry Bayswater in Oak which I got with my Christmas money and get used to seeing this bag as I use it none stop!! You can get the rest of the outfit details here

Thanks for readying 

Liz xxx

First MUA product

I'm very excited over this blush, I'm sure you might of noticed from my favourites page that i tend to go for the more expensive make up but I wanted to try a more coral colour and thought it would be good to get a cheaper one for a starting point. So off to Superdrug I popped and found this lovely MUA beauty.

I have never used anything from MUA before and after seeing reviews of how good the products are for the cost I instantly fell in love with this blush.

MUA Blusher Shade 4

MUA Shade 4

MUA Shade 4

The pigment in this blush is amazing I actually way over did it the first time I used it because I wasn't expecting it to be so good. The only down fall to this blush is that its called shade 4, really is that as good as they could do.

Oh did I mention it was just £1!!! I will be going raiding their other blushes defiantly!

Thanks for reading

Liz xxx

Excited about Dior

OMG what can I say! I few weeks ago I went to buy a Dior bronzer which I liked because it was very subtle in a naturally tanned kind of way and I was told that they where being discontinued. So I decided not to bother. I couldn't believe my eyes when I found the New Dior Diorskin Nude Tan Bronzing Powder on the John Lewis Website and I want it now!

Its the 1st Dior Bronzing Powder to adjust to your skin tone and the ambient light for an ultra-natural looking tan all year round. With its Kabuki mini-brush, Poudre de Soleil comes in 6 shades: 3 predominantly neutral tones for year-round use, and 3 warmer tones for summer.
I cant remember the last time I got so excited over a beauty products, it better be amazing if I'm blogging about it before I've even bought it!
The only reason I haven't placed my order yet is one I want to go for a consolation to find the shade for me and second the £34 price tag, now role on pay day!!

Thanks for reading!! I hope your as excited as I am about this product and if your have had the pleasure of trying it please share!

Liz xxx

Believe the Hype?

We are all guilty of it, we want it everyone else has it so I'm going to get it too. Over the past few weeks I've been buying products that have been raved about by other bloggers and I thought I would add my two pence to the pot.

Here's the products I have been buying.

The Real Techniques Stippling Brush which you can pick up in Boots for £11.99 is one of the best brushes I've used for foundation and I love the way it gives me a flawless finish. I have used this brush two different ways with two different foundations, first I used my Bobbi Brown cream foundation by buffing the brush directly into the foundation and then onto my face. The second is with a Lancome foundation I'm trying which is a liquid I dotted on my face and buffed it in, out of the two I think its better with the liquid but had a great affect on both.

Real Techniques Stippling Brush 

Another product from Boots is the Original Tangle Teezer! This is a completely new product to me and after the reviews I decided to buy one since my hair has quite a lot of fly a ways from hair breakages and split ends. I think that the cost is to high for this product and even though it works and did leave my hair soft £10.99 is way to much for a plastic brush when a wide toothed comb will do that same job.


Tangle Teezer Pink
Tangle Teezer
Next Boujois Magic Nail Polish Remover yet another one that you can pick up in boots (think I may have a boots addiction) at the price of £4.99 which is more then I would usually spend on nail polish remover, I normally get the cheapest I can find. However I'm so glad that I bought this as it does what it says on the tin! OK maybe not 1 second maybe more like 5 but still impressive. It makes life so much easier then using cotton wool or tissue, its great if you make a mistake on one nail and need to take it off without touching others. I would recommend this to anyone and even though it says it smells like Passion Fruits and Vanilla it still has a strong nail polish remover smell.


Boujois Magic Nail Polish Remover

Last but not least something you can't buy in boots and not even in the UK. The Bioderma Sensbio H20 Make up remover. If we are being honest here and we are being honest I never use make up remover. I simply use my cleanser or soap which doesn't always work well. So I invested in Bioderma after seeing how gentle it was but still being able to remove waterproof mascara. It doesn't actually smell of anything other then clean if that makes sense and I managed to pick mine up off EBay for £9.30 delivered.


Bioderma Sensbio H20

Hope this has helped you decide if to purchase any of the items and please leave any comments or questions you may have.

Thanks for reading 

Liz xxx

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

At Home Eyebrow Tinting

We all love our little beauty treats every now and again but can we always afford all the treatments we want?? Well I can't, not until my lottery win comes in, so I decided to try tinting my own eyebrows and eyelashes.
I began by search good old Ebay for a professional tinting kit and came across this little beauty.

Julienne Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting Kit

I decided to go for the full kit as it seemed easier then to worry about collecting all the things I needed, but I was unlucky and the brush and the mixing pot were not in the kit. So I used a shot glass to mix it in and a small angle brush to mix and apply the paste. I have since complained to the seller and the missing bits are meant to be on their way.

The kit should of contained:

1 X Glass Dapen mixting Tint Dish
1 x pack 96 Eyelash protective Papers
1 x Eyelash Brow Tinting Brush
1 X julienne Eyelash brow tint 15 ml With Eye Wand
1 x Julienne Eyelash Brow Tint Blue Black With Eye Wand
1 x Julienne Eyelash Brow Tint Dark Brown 15ml With Eye Wand
1 x Julienne Eyelash Brow Tint 15ml charcole Grey With Eye Wand
1 x 50 ml Oxcident Developer 3% Volume
1 x Kit Bag + Instructions.

I did mange to get free post and packaging so the kit only cost me £19.75 which I though was good as to get my eyebrows and eyelashes tinted it costs me £12 and I will easily save money with this product after two uses. 

Here's my eyebrow before I tinted them, I must say though it was only about four weeks since the last time I had them done professionally so they are still a little tinted. 

Eyebrows before tinting
Eyebrow before tinting
As you can see my right eyebrow has a patch missing that bugs me and is the reason I started tinting my eyebrows. 
There are full instructions in the kit but it is very simple, you need to mix about 1cm of dye with three or four drops of the oxident making sure it is fully mixed. Then use either a brush or the precision wand to apply the paste making sure you don't get it on the skin. The instructions do suggest using Vaseline to rub round the eyebrow to stop staining of the skin which I did and it worked well. The kit obviously comes with four different colours and I used the dark brown to do mine but may change to the black for the next time. 

Heres what it looks like when its applied to the skin. 

Eyebrow with dye still on

And here's the results 

Eye brows after tinting
Eye brows after tinting

I left the dye on for about 45seconds which is what it recommends but next time I think ill leave it on a little longer to get them a littler darker.
I have also used this product to tint my eyelashes but didn't take any before pictures so the next time I do it ill do another blog post. The only thing with the eyelash tinting is its slightly tricky to do it yourself and is a little scary putting the dye so close to your eyes.

Hope this has been useful and thanks for readying.

Liz xx 

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

To REN Or Not To REN

Hi guys as I've said before I'm only just on my way down the beauty path and I'm adding new products to my regime all the time. You may have noticed that I have really dry skin so after looking at other Bloggers regimes I decided to add a facial exfoliator. This product was recommended by a lady I work with and she had tried quite a few.

REN Jojoba Microbead Purifying Facial Scrub
I am already using my Liz Earl Cleanse and Polish and look at my review of it here, but I felt like my skin still looked dry and a little flakey. So hence the need for the REN Jojoba Microbead Purifying Facia Scrub which at £18 I thought was quite reasonable.
The packaging says its a deep cleansing facial scrub formulated with micro-beads of jojoba oil that exfoliate and eliminate surface dead cells and impurities, without scratching or irritating the skin. Also contains oils of juniper and peppermint to detoxify, stimulate and refresh the complexion.

REN Facial Scrub
First lets start with the smell, its amazing! its very fresh and minty all at the same time. The texture is gritty but in a good way the exfoliating bits are very small and the picture doesn't really do it justice. It recommends that you use it 2-3 times a week, ill probably use it every other day for a few days to give my skin a good scrub and then cut back before it dries out. 

The first time I used this I used my Liz Earl cleanse and polish first and then this making sure that I worked it into the skin in circular motions. My initial reactions to this product are very positive it left my skin nice and smooth without drying it out but ill give it a good few weeks and give you a better update. 

Thanks for reading 

Liz xxx

Sunday, 6 May 2012

You have to get an EOS

I'm a massive fan of lip balms and I think you can literary never get enough so as soon as I saw this one being raved about on other blogs I just had to get it. It wasn't just its great reviews that made me buy it, it was mostly the design of it. I hate it when my lip balm starts to run low and I end up with it under my nails!. This is designed in a ball so its simple and easy to glide over your lips.

EOS Lip Balm
EOS Lip Balm

There are five flavours in all, Honeysuckle Dew, Summer Fruit, Sweet Mint, Lemon Drop and Strawberry Sorbet. I personally went with the Summer Fruit which smells really good and the texture is smoothing without being greasy. I've had this for a few days now and have become obsessed with it, EOS leaves my lips softer for longer then other lip balms I have tried.

I would recommend this to anyone and I bought mine of Ebay for £4.50 including delivery!

Thanks for reading I hope this was useful

Liz xxx

Friday, 4 May 2012

Afternoon Drinks Outfit

Afternoon drinks with the girls in this awful weather, what to wear what to wear??? So straight to my shop of the moment H & M im literately loving everything in there but this is what I choice for said occasion.

White Blouse with Gold Buttons £19.99
Blue Pants £12.99

I know that they do this blouse in black as well and its a very nice silk like material and unlike similar items in Primark the quality of this seem ten times better and is defiantly worth the next pennies. The blue pants even though they look like jeans at first glance they are from a very sheer feeling stretch fabric and just fitted perfect for me and ill defiantly be going back to see what other colours they had in these.  

H & M Blouse and Pants
Afternoon Drinks Outfit

For the accessories I had a look around in the usual shops for a nice pair of brown boots but couldn't find any I liked in my price range so headed to Primark for a last minuet substitute. Even though they weren't what I had in mind they match the bag I'm going to use and the belt that I already have. I actually love these as they are quite summery without being a sandal.

Tan Primark Shoes £8

Primark Shoes

Even though I wasn't planning on buying any new jewellery for this outfit the lovely people at TopShop are having a mini sale and these caught my eye. What made it even better is they match a neckless I have from a very long time ago and when I got to the till they only charged my £3 bargain

TopShop Rings

A few pieces that I already own and wear all the time will also go well with this outfit. 

Guess Couture Watch £360 Available from Ernest Jones
Swarovski Crystal Stud Earring Angelic £59
Pandora Bracelet £40
Large Heart Charm £30
Small Heart Drop Charm £35
Tomas Sabo Pear Bracelet £29.95 

Hope you like my outfit and thanks for taking the time to look at my post ill post pictures of me wearing it ASAP

Liz xxx 

My Little French Manicure Barry M Style

Ok so im not a massive nail painting fan because I simply don't like my hands, yes this may be a little weird but its something that has always bothered me. However I do like to give myself a French manicure for nights out as I think it obviously looks nice but without drawing to much attentions to my hands.
Its meant to be summer and me and the girls or off out for a day session around Manchester so I thought it would be nice to go for a bright summer colour, next step obviously Barry M for bright summery colours.

Barry M Selection 

I love Barry M as the price is perfect for someone who doesn't spend so much time on their nails and I think the quality is very good to. 

The colours that I used are 54 Clear as a base and topcoat the tip colours are 306 Blueberry and 272 Shocking Pink, I then put Silver Glitter148 over the top that I think finishes it off nicely.

I hope you like this as I love it and will be investing in other colours!!

Liz xxx