Friday, 29 June 2012

The Whole Hog

Hi guys

Sorry for the lateness of this post as this is what I did last weekend but I've had such a busy week I've really not had chance!!

Now I worked last weekend but still went out for a few drinks at a family do on Saturday night. The reason for the title is because we had a lovely Hog Roast! which has to be one of my favourite foods. And for dessert a lovely sweet shop and cake! what more could a girl want!

Hog Roast, Hog Roast Party
The Whole Hog

Retro Sweets

Rugby Ball Cake
Rugby Crazy
I do apologise for the fuzziness of this pictures, its really annoying me that the pictures on my Iphone are a much better quality then my Sony camera! Even though I couldn't really drink I went the 'Whole Hog' with my outfit, full hair in rollers false eyelashes the works.

Miss Guided Dress, Prink Dress, Pink Lace Dress
The Whole Hog
The Dress is from and I actually have this in a different colour as well as I love the cut. I did get it a few months a go for another 'event' I went to and I think it cost about £23 and the belt was included which I think is a nice touch.
The handbag is an Ted Baker one that I bought at Christmas 
The shoes are from KG and I again bought these at Christmas but this style is a constant with KG

Miss Guided Dress, Prink Dress, Pink Lace Dress, Topshop Blazer, Cream Blazer, White Blazer
The Whole Hog
The Blazer is a TopShop lovely that cost me about £65 but I do wear it a lot and I'm glad I invested.

The Whole Hog

I'm also in the middle of writing a post for how I did my smoky eyes and how I put my hair in rollers. Ill try and get this up and running this weekend.

I hope you have a fab weekend and thanks for reading!!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Princess Nails

Hi guys

Even though I was not destined to go out this weekend due to work, a girl has to make the effort. So a little sparkle on the nails can go a long way to making you feel fab.

OPI, Play The Ponies, OPI Play The Ponies
Princess Nails

Now this is the same very pale pink that I wore in Pick and Mix Nails called Play the Ponies and used my trusted Barry M as the base and top coat. The gems I'm sorry I don't have a picture I bought from The Body Shop for a £1 a while ago and have been floating about in my make up bag. They are basically gems you can use on your skin for kids really but with a few layers of top coat they look great. I used a pin with blue tack on the end to apply them making sure that the nail polish was slightly tacking when I stuck them on.

OPI, Play The Ponies, OPI Play The Ponies
Play The Ponies

I hope you liked my princess nails too its nice just to add a little extra sparkle for a night out.

Thanks for reading 

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Chapter 3 Love...... From both sides.

Hi guys

I've recently re-found my love for reading and started devouring books at an astonishing rate so I think I'm going to start a book club on my page. Let me know if your interested and if I get enough interest I'll get it up  and running in a few weeks. Don't worry when I say book club I mean more of a forum where we can discuss books we're reading and recommend books to one another.

On my recent posts you may have seen that I've read all the 50 shades of grey books followed by the hunger games books. I think all six books took me about 4 weeks which means I obviously enjoyed them and was on the hunt for my next one.

After reading these types of books for a while, I mean thrillers and adventure not the erotic type. I decided a change of pace was necessary and go against my usual type of book and go for a romantic comedy. Now let me stress I am no way interested in most romantic comedies in the sense that I tend to hate anything that has soppy love story written all over it.

However this is what I ended up reading, Love......... From both sides by Nick Spalding.

Here's the back of the book to get a god overview of the story without me spoiling it.

Sometimes, the hardest part of finding love is keeping a straight face...

For Jamie Newman, being a single guy isn't proving to be much fun, especially when confronted with a sexually belligerent divorcee and a goddess so far out of his league she might as well be a different species. 
Mind you, being a girl in search of love isn't a bowl of cherries either. Just ask Laura McIntyre, who's recently contended with a horny estate agent on a quest for light relief and a rabid mountain bike enthusiast with a penchant for displaying his genitals. 
When Jamie and Laura bump into one another (quite literally) it looks like their luck may have changed - but sometimes finding the right person is only the start of your problems... 

Based on real-life tales of dating disaster and relationship blunders, Love... From Both Sides is a warts-and-all romantic comedy for everyone who knows how tricky (and occasionally ridiculous) the quest for love can be.

Now you know a book is funny when pictures this. I'm in the middle of chapter and the boy wants to go to sleep, ie lights out, but I am that kind of a person who will need to end the chapter as it feels wrong to leave it half way through. 
So not to disturb him and make a happy middle ground I took out my little book light and turned the other way so we are back to back. 
After a few minutes and I think he's a sleep he suddenly turns to look at me complaining the bed is shaking from me having silent fits of hysterics! and he can't sleep. To make matters worse since I'm already mid laughing fit the sight of his little face peering over me just cracks me up and I cant stop and then insist I read a chapter to him to explain why I'm in such a sate. As you can imagine he wasn't impressed and if I didn't stop I would be banished to the spare bed. I never did get to finish my chapter! 

The best thing about this book has got to be that it is literally written from both sides and has some ridiculously first date esc stories. It is definitely the kind of dry witty human that I love to have with my friends and I'm positive that you will find it as funny as I did. And the best thing about this book the lucky people including myself who own a kindle can own it for the very reasonable price of 99p.

To summaries this book, it has to be the funniest book ive ever read. It really is that cheesy line you hear from film reviews 'A laugh minute'

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did.


June & May Glossy Box

Hi guys

Now I didn't post about my glossy box last month as I wanted to try the products properly and see if they are worth buying and give my honest opinion.  

May Glossy Box 
So there are two products that I have used a lot over the last few weeks. The Apivita with honey face masks that I got two of and which I used two of and the Osmo Berber Hair Oil which smells amazing. I love smelling the Osmo Berber Hair Oil I think it has a very nice hint of vanilla and I find myself smelling my hair through the day to see if I can still smell it. I also find that it doesn't make my hair greasy like other hair oils.

So the Aprivita face mask I'm afraid that even though it was nice I wont be rushing out to buy it any time soon. It wasn't moisturising enough for me as I have very try skin and need a massive moisture serge but my skin did feel a little softer after it used it.

Now onto the June Glossy Box and yes I know I only got it today but really like the content of this months box and wanted to share it with you.

June Glossy Box

June Glossy Box
Here's a run down of the five dazzling products this month. 1. Vichy Dermablend Ultra-Corrective Foundation Cream Stick starter kit. 2. Serie Exclusive Pro Beauty Brush. 3. HD Brows Precsision Tweezers. 4. Caudalie Eaux Fraiches invigoration and energising fragrances in Zest De Vigne. 5. BM Beauty Summer Warmth Bronzer.

I cant wait to have a good try of these products and have already been spraying my Zesty Caudalie fragrance which has already had its way into my hand bag. 

What did you get in your Glossy Box??

Thanks for reading


Monday, 18 June 2012

A Top To Short

Hi guys

I thought I would post this little outfit of the day post for you to have a look, as I really liked the combination. Even though the top may be a little to short and I know there is a debate on leggings as trousers but I wore it with my leather jacket and felt really good in it.

I apologise for the poor quality for this pictures by the way I really don't know what's wrong with my camera I need to play around with the settings and ill try and fix it for my next post.

A Top To Short

Now I actually bought this outfit a while ago from good old faithful Zara and they are both from the basic collect. I think the leggings where £18 and are really really thick. The grey sweater I have a feeling was around £16 but I may be wrong. I also wore the sweater with a black maxi shirt and I'll try and do a OOTD this weekend. 

A Top To Short

I love the low back on this top and you can wear it a few difference ways, either off the shoulder or across them with a lower back line.

I hope you like this look and I wore it to do a little bit of house bits shopping and a general lazy Saturday.

Thanks for reading

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Pick and Mix Nails

Hi guys

I wont bore my regular readers with my OPI collection story again so you can check it out here but look what I created today!

Who cares if its raining, we live in England and deep down we completely except it even if we don't like it. So here's a little OPI nail treat with Sunshine built in.

OPI I Lilly Love You, Sparrow Me The Drama and Play The Peonies

Pick and Mix OPI Nails

I think pick and mix nails are a great idea and love it when the colours are similar or compliment each other. The colours I used where Sparrow Me The Drama which is the pink, The light pink but looks white on these pictures is Play The Peonies and the glitter is one I use quite a bit is I Lilly Love You.

I also followed it with the good old favourite of Barry M top coat. 

I hope you like my attempt at Pick and Mix nails and inspires you to try it for your self.

Thanks for reading

The Foundations Of Lancome

Hi guys

In my favourites page you will see how I love the Bobbi Brown Cream Foundation but last month when it ran out I decided to try something new. I was recommended the Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24 as aa good one for someone who has very dry skin but needs coverage like me.

Here's the sales patter....

Lancôme's Teint Idole Ultra 24H offers more long-wear and comfort than any other foundation*. 

24h long-wear for endless perfection 

Following 8 years of research, Lancôme unveils its first 24h** wear foundation for lasting perfection. Teint Idole Ultra 24H remains retouch-free, providing a flawless looking, even complexion with a velvety-smooth, shine-free finish. 
24h of divine comfort** 
In perfect affinity with the skin, Teint Idole Ultra 24h is irresistibly comfortable. Its new, blendable and fresh texture is divine and leaves the complexion feeling smooth, velvety and matte with no powdery effect. 
18 shades available. 

Now don't let the name fool you this is actually a really good coverage and does last a good 12 hours plus but as I've never tried it for more I couldn't say if its 24 hours.

Lancome Idole Ultra 25h
Is it wrong to love this product for the packaging? I love how it looks expensive and I guess it is for a foundation at £27 RRP but worth every penny.

I did actually try this foundation before I bought it and got a rather large sample and my colour matched up before I took the plunge, and would recommend you to do this first!

I decided for you to get the best look of this foundation and how I think it perfectly matches my skin tone is by applying it only to half of my face. Ok I have put a little something on my brows and tickled my eyelashes with mascara as I'm too vain to look to much of a mess on pictures but other then that I'm bare on the left side with the foundation on the right.

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H in 35 Beige Dore

I have to say that my skin is in much better condition then usual but this foundation is amazing. It's light but has great coverage I don't have that make up feeling at all and have forgotten that I'm wearing it. I use my real techniques stipplerling brush to apply it, I haven't tried other ways as I loved this way straight off. I really think that it gives me a good coverage and evens my skin tone completely.

Since starting to use this I have actually stopped using a bronzer as I cant get over how even and clear my skin looks with it on. I would seriously recommend this to anyone and would tell you the next chance you get to go and get a sample and let me know what you think.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my review and this has helped if you are looking for a new foundation.


Thursday, 14 June 2012

Share The Nails

Hi guys

For anyone who was lucky enough to join in with the #bbloggers on twitter on Sunday you may have already picked up on this if not here's the details. From 8 till 9 beauty bloggers get together on twitter to discuss one topic, Sundays topic was how to gain more followers. But don't worry not one of the scam ways of doing it but the genuine way to attract new readers and followers.
One of the main themes that appeared was simply be nice to others be polite and only blog about things your interested in and passionate about because if your not bothered your readers wont be either!!

I love joining in these types of conversation because you can 'meet' new bloggers and share and gain great ideas. Straight after to the boys dismay I stayed on twitter flicking through the feeds for anything that took my fancy and look what I came across.

I'm only starting to bother with my nails as I don't like my hands, yes strange but true and don't like to draw to much attention to them. Now this might be me being cynical but most of the nail art pictures of this quality and variation are not normally from the person that posts them but more ideas they have found along the way. However I was completely amazed when I came across this pictures and spend a good half and hour or so flicking through other pictures that where obviously by the same person.

The free nail polish from Marie Claire magazine, Ciate Bonbon 

So taking with me my new found information I decided to write a blog all about @jeffroledge and her amazing nail art because one I love it and two I really want to share it! She has over 50 pictures of her nail art on her twitter page and PLEASE go and check it out but here's a few of my personal favourites.

Bumble Bee Nails, Let It Be Summer!

Mini Mouse

Pop Art Inspired

Now these are the most fancy of all  @jeffroledge  nails but I love them! I love how fun they are and different especially the pop art nails they are definitely my favourites. After asking @jeffroledge how she creates these amazing nails, her biggest tip is to use a art brush and mix your nail polishes to create the perfect colours.

I hope you have enjoyed my little share the nails post and ley me know if you have found any other budding nail technicians with amazing work.

Thanks for reading

Liz xxx

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

When Cushions Go Wild

Hi Guy

You may think this is a little strange for a blog topic but its become a hot topic in our house hold and I'm going to be bold in saying thousands of others.

This post was inspired by Sophie de Lucia on twitter when she posted a lovely pictures of a cushion she had purchased. Please follow Sophie on twitter or at least have a look at the cushion her names @sophie_80. This started the conversation can you have to many cushions?

This conversation has happened to me at work a few time with quite a few different opinions ranging from you can never have to many to there is no point in them.

I have to admit that I have a healthy love of cushions on pretty much all surfaces, four cushions on both of my coaches and erm lets say several on our bed and the spare bed to.

Ok on our bed we have two pillows each, one hard and one soft and then three cushions in matching colours and a throw at the bottom. What do we think?

Cushions Gone Wild

Just for reference the stripy cushion at the front is from Ikea and so is the throw, the smaller stripy cushion and the white one is from next and so is the bedding. I bought the two blue Oxford pillow cases separately  from Next as well.

Cushions Gone Wild

Is it to much or just right? I think its just right but the boy thinks there is no point as every night we but all the cushions on the floor, roll the throw down and only use one pillow each.

If it was completely up to me I am tempted to add two more pillows, you know the really big square one that you put at the very top. Here's a pictures I found on the Internet after searching for 'Too many cushions' 

Cushions Gone Wild
Even this is a few to many for me and would of stopped at the brownish one, which leads me onto my question when is too many cushions simply too many? Are they simply for decoration even though no one really seems them, are they a waste of money. 

I would argue no they look good and I like the bed to look great even if no one really gets to see it and when I sit and read a book or blog during the day its nice to cuddle down with. I may not actually do this that often but the option is still there.

Thanks for reading! Id love to know what we all think and is there a line you just don't cross?

Monday, 11 June 2012

Rainy Weekend

Hi guys so yet again the weather has been rubbish! well up north it has at least and I had a three day weekend. If your boss tells you your not really needed on a Saturday and to come in an extra day during the week who am I to argue.

So the boy had a brilliant idea as it was raining and rather cold that we should go ice skating at Blackburn Ice arena, here's a link.

I did look at going go-karting but it was £20 for 20 minuets each! and thought that was a complete rip off so off ice-skating we went. And I have to say that it was great fun!

Ice Skating (sorry for the rubbish picture)

Ok so I am Bambi on ice and it took me a few minuets to let go of the side but within half an hour I was whizzing round with the best of them.

I may be slightly exaggerating with how quick I was whizzing round and may of fallen oh at least 8 times, not that I was counting.
I would like to protest that not all of them where my fault as I do sort of freak out when other people, including small children invade my personal space.

However my mantra for the afternoon began 'do not lean back, do not lean back, do not lean back' as every time I did in an attempt to steady myself I ended up flat on my ass!.

The last fall was obviously the most dramatic as I started to get to cocky going round the bend. I was simply to close to the boy and ended up shouting 'to cocky to cocky to cocky' as I crashed into him dragging him down with me in spectacular style I may add.

I may have sustained several injuries including hand, wrist, feet, ankle, groin strain, and two lovely bruises for my efforts but I had a great time.

Knobbly Bruised Knees

For Sunday's we usually do some visiting of the relatives in the afternoon but this Sunday we were awake at the crack of dawn and decided to take a trip into Heskin. When I say we were awake I mean I was awake so no one else is allowed to sleep.

Heskin Hall is a farmers market and craft centre and across the road is the antique centre, here's the link. 

Heskin Hall Antique Centre

Since the last time we went they had added so many more shops! but I managed to control myself with my spending.

A unique retail and leisure destination that will appeal to all the family. Featuring over 40 unique shops & businesses which includes a leading art gallery, high class butchers, craft studios, food shops, ladies & gents clothing, gifts with a difference, handbags & jewellery, childrens clothing & toys, Hotter shoes, hairdresser, beauty salon, furniture, pet foot & accessories, ice cream parlour and much more... 

The Two Birds Tea Room makes an excellent stop for lunch offering paninis, toasties, sandwiches, soups and salads using fresh local produce, relax next to out wood burning stove, enjoy great coffee, wine & beer and a catch up with friends. 

The Gift Barn

True Chocolate

Mulberry Moon 

 I really want these pictures though that are hand made to order that can say anything you like, I am tempted to attempt to make my own.

Scrabble Pictures

The only purchases that I made where from the butchers that I cant wait to cook and Ill let you guys if it goes well and some retro toffees. We also saw a gorgeous pine dinning room table but I wont bore you with the details.

Retro Sweets

Its Monday and I have plans to go to give blood and then off to the dentist as the boy is working today. I'm a good girl get up early go for a run make sure I have plenty it eat and drink and set off to do my bit for society. However society has other thoughts and as I go into the centre to give a way a little bit of my precious blood I see a sign in the window saying 'We are sorry but today's sessions are by appointment only' Ok no big deal they send me a letter and it says come along today. But nooooo I'm literately turned away because they don't have enough staff to deal with the appointments never mind anyone that walks in.

You would think escaping the needle would be quite enjoyable and be off on my merry way, I don't seem to function like that and in my wisdom offer to hang around to see if they can see me. The women behind the make shift desks says there's no point and do I want an appointment for next time they have a session. To say I'm disappointed is a slight understatement but they make a national add campaign to get people to give blood and do their bit and then you don't even get to do it. Yes I know its not the poor nurses fault that do the blood bank sessions but I'm still not happy as I don't know when Ill next get chance.

My day then got a little but better with a drip to the dentist, yes you read that right my day got better because I went to the dentist. No I'm not some kind of strange people who likes pain I'm just lucky enough to have a young rather dashing dentist. Is this a little over dressed for the dentist?

Off To See The Dentist

Since I had good news from the dentist and only being told I need to floss more, which I hate I'm treating my self to some lovely Ben & Jerrys as it was half price in ASDA. As I type this I'm being forced to watch the football so I'm spending the evening with Ben & Jerry doing some blogger catch up and penning future ideas.

Ben & Jerry's Core Dough-ble Whammy

Hope you've had a good weekend

Liz xxx

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Everything That Glitters Is Pink

Hi guys how are we all??

As a few of you might know I have erm acquired quite a few OPI nail polishes recently and here's a new ultra girlie ultra pink look for the summer. I used my trusted base coat from Barry M followed by the solid Pink Positively that I only needed one coat of and left to try for a few hours. Once I knew it was completely dry I painted over the top with the Lilly Love You and finished off with the Barry M again.

Pink Positively, I Lilly Love You, OPI
 OPI Glitter is Pink

Pink Positively, I Lilly Love You, OPI
Pink Positively & I Lilly Love You

I love this look its nice and summery! it really brings a smile to my face on a drab day specially if I'm in work and the sun is cracking the flags.

Hope you like this colour, thanks for reading!

Liz xxx

Warehouse Haul

Hi guys!

Simple question who doesn't like finding a bargain? I honestly think no one will answering that they don't. Well I think I found a really good one from Warehouse this week, yes Warehouse.

A few years ago I probably wouldn't even bother to look round Warehouse but these last few seasons I've been really impressed with their look.

On a previous blog post you will notice that I recently bought a lovely leather jacket form Zara and thought I needed, yes needed not wanted, a few shirts to go with it. That's when I stumbled across these lovely skirts from Warehouse on a blue cross sale event with 25% off.

Warehouse Haul
Warehouse Haul

Ill tell you the ticket prices as the offer may no longer be on. The skirts are £20 each as I also bought it in black and the t-shirt the was £18, If the t-shirt wasn't in the sale I don't think I would of purchased it at the price. However I love these together yes it may not be bright and summery but I think its very in keeping with the English weather. I like wearing this with either my Havaiana's or the nice black New Look pumps with the gold studs that you can't see on this picture.

Warehouse, Warehouse Skirt, Maxi, Skirt, Grey Maxi Skirt, Maxi Skirt
Warehouse Outfit

I am usually a jeans or leggings wearer but I love the length of this skirt just skimming the floor and they are really stretchy and have the nice detail of the thick waist band.

Thanks for reading guys, Hope you liked my outfit

Liz xxx

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Another Mac Lipstick

Can a girl have to many lipsticks? to many pink lipsticks? to many Mac lipsticks? what's that I hear you cry NO

Well my bank account says yes you can, you do not need another lipstick but I don't listen. So here's a new one Mac Creamsheen in Speed Dial.

Mac Creamsheen Speed Dial

Mac Creamsheen Speed Dial
I honestly think that the Creamsheen range has to be my favourite lipstick so far and ill defiantly be purchasing some more shades. I like that this as a very bright pink but is very moisturising it does give a good sheen to it as well.

Mac Creamsheen Speed Dial

Are you addicted to pink Mac lipsticks? I defiantly am.

Thanks for reading

Liz xxx