Tuesday, 12 June 2012

When Cushions Go Wild

Hi Guy

You may think this is a little strange for a blog topic but its become a hot topic in our house hold and I'm going to be bold in saying thousands of others.

This post was inspired by Sophie de Lucia on twitter when she posted a lovely pictures of a cushion she had purchased. Please follow Sophie on twitter or at least have a look at the cushion her names @sophie_80. This started the conversation can you have to many cushions?

This conversation has happened to me at work a few time with quite a few different opinions ranging from you can never have to many to there is no point in them.

I have to admit that I have a healthy love of cushions on pretty much all surfaces, four cushions on both of my coaches and erm lets say several on our bed and the spare bed to.

Ok on our bed we have two pillows each, one hard and one soft and then three cushions in matching colours and a throw at the bottom. What do we think?

Cushions Gone Wild

Just for reference the stripy cushion at the front is from Ikea and so is the throw, the smaller stripy cushion and the white one is from next and so is the bedding. I bought the two blue Oxford pillow cases separately  from Next as well.

Cushions Gone Wild

Is it to much or just right? I think its just right but the boy thinks there is no point as every night we but all the cushions on the floor, roll the throw down and only use one pillow each.

If it was completely up to me I am tempted to add two more pillows, you know the really big square one that you put at the very top. Here's a pictures I found on the Internet after searching for 'Too many cushions' 

Cushions Gone Wild
Even this is a few to many for me and would of stopped at the brownish one, which leads me onto my question when is too many cushions simply too many? Are they simply for decoration even though no one really seems them, are they a waste of money. 

I would argue no they look good and I like the bed to look great even if no one really gets to see it and when I sit and read a book or blog during the day its nice to cuddle down with. I may not actually do this that often but the option is still there.

Thanks for reading! Id love to know what we all think and is there a line you just don't cross?


  1. I love your blue collection! I think cushions look great, but mine always end up on the floor at night too:)

  2. Thanks for your comment it's nice to see its not just me : )

    Liz. Xxx

  3. Love the cushion arrangement you have going on here! I too have a 'thing' about beds and cushions and throws and what not, and whilst your man friend does have a valid point when stating that they are absolutely pointless, they're so bloody addictive, for some particularly wild reason.

    In honour of this blog post, I'm going to try not to toss my cushions all over the floor tonight.... Xx

  4. Haha thanks for the comment again, I bet about 1 in the morning you get fed up and chuck them. The only time they stay on the bed is when the boy is away and I make a sort of wall out of them lol cushion protection!

    Liz xxx