Monday, 26 November 2012

Ice Bar

Hi Guys

Now a few weeks a go me and the boy went down to London town and even though we do go quite a bit we still enjoy doing some touristy things. But even for me this was a new one, The Ice Bar and here is the link to their website.

The ice bar is at -5c at all times and completely made of ice. You get one of these very dashing capes to wear with a pair of gloves which you'll need just to hold your glass made of ice. Prices in the ice bar its self start at £12.50 to £24 for 45 mins and one drink included but other offers are available  We paid £12.50 each and was glad that was all.

We lasted about 30 mins in the cold and the boys had an extra drink but at £6 a go for a tiny cocktail I wouldn't bother having many.

Ice Bar London Review and Pictures

Ice Bar London Review and Pictures

Ice Bar London Review and Pictures

Now its a definite must for a one off one of them things everyone should do once but I don't think Ill do it again. There's a cheap bar down the end of the road that had buy one get one free at happy hour which was much better.

What did you think, have you been to the ice bar? 

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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Peppered Leopard

Hi guys

Its been a while since I have done an outfit post for two reasons, one not actually having a camera for the best part of a month and the second being the boy taking rubbish pictures on my iphone. Last weekend we where invited to a lovely 25th wedding anniversary meal at a gorgeous country club. I would of taken pictures of the venue but since I now want my non existent wedding there I'm keeping it to myself.

Leopard print dress, Day dress outfit, classic outfits
Bet Lynch 

Leopard print dress, Day dress outfit, classic outfits
A Pint To Far

Dress - H & M £14.99
Blazer - H & M
Belt - Forever 21
Shoes - M & S (Actually my work shoes)

Now the keen eyed of you would notice I actually whore this when we went to Harry Potter but I dressed it down with no belt flat shoes and my leather jacket. This is my first leopard print dress and I have to say I love it, now everything with leopard print is catching my eye and I have to tell my self not to buy it all I don't want to turn into that girl. 

What do you think guys a classic wardrobe stable or send it to the charity shop kind of dress?

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Friday, 9 November 2012

The Breakfast Club

Hi All

How are we? first let me apologise for the lack of blogging this last week or so but I'm in full Christmas swing. Yes I'm a big fat Geek who loves to be super organised and this year I've taken it a step further. The Christmas cards are written and presents are rapped, ok I've not completed my shopping but I'm try to get it all done by December so when I'm at my busiest and stressed at work I can be calm and organised at home.

Right less of the rant and more about the Breakfast Club. As you might have seen me and the boy packed our bags and went off to London Town for the Harry Potter tour last week and had an amazing time here's the post. In my super organised state I knew we wouldn't have time for lunch so I popped on the internet to find an amazing place for breakfast. 

Hence the Breakfast club here's a snipped from the website

We're big on our breakfasts (did the name give that away?) serving up everything from traditional English to Pancakes and Eggs Benedict. Worried about fitting into the skinny jeans? Try our mueslis, porridge or fruit salads.
As the day progresses we move on to a range of wraps, burgers, burritos, pies, sharing plates and salads. All this washed down with fairtrade lattes, smoothies and a range of beers, wine and cocktails.

They have five locations across London and we went to the original Soho location. Now a word to the wise it opens at 8am and we went on a Friday at 9 and had to queue for a table.
It was well worth the wait and here the pictures to prove it. 

Feed Me
Hope you like you table neighbours 
The Breakfast Club Review, The Breakfast Club London
Egg Yellow

Great Places To Have Breakfast In London
Breakfast Club

All American
You Beat Me

I ordered the all American even if my eyes where to big for my belly it was so worth it and the boy ordered the original full English. Going to the breakfast club is defiantly going to be a tradition for London visits from now on and has got me even more excited for Florida next year.  

Have you got any amazing breakfast places you love?

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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Supermarket Sweep

Bonjou Friends

Some times an idea for a post literately smacks you in the face when your thinking about something else, anything else other then bloggin. This is one of those times I woke up this morning and simply knew what I wanted to do and what I wanted to include.

Here's the concept then, the big shop. I am literally the one who does all the big shops as the boy works Monday - Friday and I don't. You know what, the big shop always seems like a good idea until I get there and have to put up with screaming kids and old people who just stop dead in the middle of the isle no matter what they want. Hence almost every time I go I erm treat myself for the pain of having to go with a little something from the 'cosmetic' section.

You can find some amazing products in the supermarket you wouldn't normally think twice about and usually at the cheapest price to. I am not a Boots shopper yes shock horror if I do need anything nine times out of ten I literately go in grab what I want, pay obviously and leave, not much browsing no impulse buys I'm in and out. So most of the time I get the 'boring' products when I do the big shop i.e. dry shampoo, body wash maybe a cream.

This is what I have been buying recently and loving these are starting to become my staple items.

Supermarket must have skincare
The Next Time Your At The Checkout & You Hear The Beep.....

This is my newest little treat lets say. Its my birthday in about a month and I've almost ran out of my Clinque dramatically different moisturiser but didn't want to buy a new one as I'll probably get one so I thought I would pick up the plain old Nivea. Now looking at the prices a small pot of the original was £2.50 and then I spotted this Rich Regenerating Night Cream and to my surprise it was only £2.

Supermarket must have skincare, Nivea, Nivea Rich Regenerating Night Cream, Nivea Daily Essentials

A few nights in and I'm loving it! its really nice and rich and smells lovely even in the morning I could feel it on my skin. With the cold weather now in full flow its such a nice cream to use nightly after my Estee Lauder Night Repair.

Supermarket must have skincare, Nivea Lip Butter

Yep I'm jumping on the band wagon, my EOS has almost ran out and my new one wont be here for a few weeks and I spotted this new little lovely. It smells amazing to me it smells like sorbe and is very moisturising without being greasy like Vaseline can be.  

Supermarket must have skincare, Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter, Loreal Matt and Messy

The first of these is a Waitrose own Baby Bottom Butter that has come some sort of yummy mummy saviour and I love the products description and for £2.98 why not.

This rich moisturising cream has been made using only the purest ingredients, to sooth and protect your baby's skin. However, as many women have found, it can also be used on the face for a fresh, pampered complexion. The cream is enhanced with olive oil and chamomile, chosen for their nourishing properties, and also has a gentle vanilla fragrance to calm your baby.

I found this to be quite greasy but felt amazing, I put in on before bed and woke up with baby soft skin. The only down fall is I was worried it might bring me out in spots with it being so greasy so I only use it now and again when I'm in need of some serious moisture. 

Second is a new hair product from Loreal, the Matt & Messy spray. This is another replacement for a product I ran out of and decided to try something new without spending loads. I have to say this actually works better for me as a fixing spray then to spray into damp hair and towel dry. I use my wand to create some soft waves and spray this over to create a little bit of a matt look and hold.

Supermarket must have skincare, Dove Silky Nourishment with a shimmering glow, Original Sauce Shower Gel

The first product I simply love because its on offer at the moment for £1 in Asda and I've been stocking up on them. Any Original Source shower gel smells amazing and that's the main reason why I buy it, then hide it so the boy cant use it.

Second is a Dove body cream that had a very slight hint of glitter in it. Its called Dove Silky Nourishment with a shimmering glow. I actually love this for holidays when your tanned and just want a little bit extra. It is a nice moisturiser not to thick that absorbs quite quickly.  

Supermarket must have skincare, Sudocrem Review

Last but not least is the original miracle cream Sudocrem, I bought this a while ago in a sun burn emergency and found it helped clear my skin much quicker then some of the spot creams I've tried. It is an antiseptic healing cream that can look after Eczema, Minor Burns and Acne,
I usually use this a few times a month as an over night face mask but be warned it isn't pretty with a full white face and it can be quite messy.

What are your little supermarket treats? Do you use any of these products what do you think?

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Monday, 29 October 2012

Harry Potter Sir

Hi Guys

I came back from London yesterday after having a fab weekend with some of the boys relatives. The main reason for the visit was to feed my Harry Potter addiction yep that's right I'm a massive Potter geek and its been killing me waiting to go on the studio tour. I really wish I had gone when it first opened I would of queued for tickets.

Hence I thought I would share some of my 195 pictures with you, so if you planing on going and don't want to spoil the surprise you should look away now.  

Just a few tips for you if you are going, you can easily print your tickets when you get their you don't have to print the confirmation you can take the email and type in your details. 
Second personal I wouldn't bother with the electronic guide even though its a good guide, walking round with head phones doesn't really promote great conversation.
Third plan how your getting their, we stayed in central London (Kennington) and bought unlimited day train and tube passes that included Watford Junction and it cost £20 each but that was for peak times. That was actually the cheapest way for us they do offer coaches from central London direct but they where like £40 each!

Harry Potter Studio Tour Review
Potter Geek

Harry Potter Studio Tour Review
The Burrow


Harry Potter Studio Tour Review
Dorm Room

Common Room

Butter Beer

Dumbledore's Office 

Harry Potter Studio Tour Review
The Most Amazing Model Ever
Its All About The Detail
Hand Painted

No Wonder It Always Looks Amazing
Do you think this will fit in my living room?

All Your Book Needs In One Place

Weesleys' Wizard Wheezers

Harry Potter Studio Tour Review
Trip On The Bus Anyone?

Also if you planning on buying some goodies at the end be prepared to pay through the nose! hence keep any little ones away from falling in love with things. I bought two thing, you cant go and not buy anything.
A mug that has invisible foot steps that cost £13.95 told you it was expensive. Second a Chocolate Frog! for £7.95 but god that is a massive piece of chocolate and you get a collects card. I got Helga Hufflepuff and will defo be getting more to start a collection, yep GEEEEEEK 

Don't Be A Mug

Marauders Map

Walk My Way
Chocolate Frog, You Only Get One Good Jump

Helga Hufflepuff
Ok yes it was amazing even the boy enjoyed it, the only thing I wish I had done is use the green screen for a broom flying lesson but unfortunately was really dressed for it. Over all I think everyone should go and I would love to know your views if you have been lucky enough to go already. 

What makes it more exciting is we have booked to go to Florida late next year so I can go to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios.

Oh and butter beer aint that great just to let you know but ill be trying it in both countries just to compare.

Thanks for reading

Thursday, 25 October 2012

We Survived!!

Hi Guys

Yep the title is a little dramatic but if you had been to Farmaggedon you would know why. So a few years a go I was in Florida during Halloween Horror at Universal Studios and it was amazing! Seven haunted houses plus loads of other shows, it was truly petrifying.

Now when I saw this years adverts for Farmaggedon I fancied seeing if it lived up to my high expectations. It is situated near Ormskirk which for some is near Liverpool but not to close.

Farmaggedon Review
Death Becomes Us
The tickets cost about £18 but are completely worth it. There where three houses this year Terror On The Farm, Psychosis and I can't for the live of me remember the third, I was to concentrated on running for my life as I got chanced from a man with an ax.

Farmaggedon Review
Before The Horror Begin
Now the pictures aint that great since I have been cameraless for this last month and only had my phone but luckily my new one arrived just in time for my trip to London.

Farmaggedon Review
Looking Terrified

Farmaggedon Review
We decided to do this with Halloween being during the week and none of our friends having a party it was a great way of enjoying the season without to much mess or effort.

Farmaggedon Review
Run For The Hills

Corpse Bride

Whats your plan for Halloween? have you been to Farmaggedon or know another great scare fest.
Thanks for reading Ill be back next week as I'm off to London baby