Monday, 29 October 2012

Harry Potter Sir

Hi Guys

I came back from London yesterday after having a fab weekend with some of the boys relatives. The main reason for the visit was to feed my Harry Potter addiction yep that's right I'm a massive Potter geek and its been killing me waiting to go on the studio tour. I really wish I had gone when it first opened I would of queued for tickets.

Hence I thought I would share some of my 195 pictures with you, so if you planing on going and don't want to spoil the surprise you should look away now.  

Just a few tips for you if you are going, you can easily print your tickets when you get their you don't have to print the confirmation you can take the email and type in your details. 
Second personal I wouldn't bother with the electronic guide even though its a good guide, walking round with head phones doesn't really promote great conversation.
Third plan how your getting their, we stayed in central London (Kennington) and bought unlimited day train and tube passes that included Watford Junction and it cost £20 each but that was for peak times. That was actually the cheapest way for us they do offer coaches from central London direct but they where like £40 each!

Harry Potter Studio Tour Review
Potter Geek

Harry Potter Studio Tour Review
The Burrow


Harry Potter Studio Tour Review
Dorm Room

Common Room

Butter Beer

Dumbledore's Office 

Harry Potter Studio Tour Review
The Most Amazing Model Ever
Its All About The Detail
Hand Painted

No Wonder It Always Looks Amazing
Do you think this will fit in my living room?

All Your Book Needs In One Place

Weesleys' Wizard Wheezers

Harry Potter Studio Tour Review
Trip On The Bus Anyone?

Also if you planning on buying some goodies at the end be prepared to pay through the nose! hence keep any little ones away from falling in love with things. I bought two thing, you cant go and not buy anything.
A mug that has invisible foot steps that cost £13.95 told you it was expensive. Second a Chocolate Frog! for £7.95 but god that is a massive piece of chocolate and you get a collects card. I got Helga Hufflepuff and will defo be getting more to start a collection, yep GEEEEEEK 

Don't Be A Mug

Marauders Map

Walk My Way
Chocolate Frog, You Only Get One Good Jump

Helga Hufflepuff
Ok yes it was amazing even the boy enjoyed it, the only thing I wish I had done is use the green screen for a broom flying lesson but unfortunately was really dressed for it. Over all I think everyone should go and I would love to know your views if you have been lucky enough to go already. 

What makes it more exciting is we have booked to go to Florida late next year so I can go to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios.

Oh and butter beer aint that great just to let you know but ill be trying it in both countries just to compare.

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  1. This looks incredible! I'm going for my birthday in February and I can't wait. I've been to the theme park in Florida and that was amazing but this would be better because it's all of the real stuff!!

    1. Omg I can't wait till Florida for the hot weather think the rain was the only problem of the day. Hope you have a fab time xxx

  2. It looks great. I'd love to go to the one in US, I was there when they had just started building it and it looked immense!
    Glad u had a great time

    Debs x

    1. Omg that happened to my the sign saying coming 2013! Was gutted sooo can't wait xx

  3. This looks amazing! I would love to try a butter beer!! :) x

    1. Basically it's cream soda but defo worth a try xx

  4. my friend went last year and they loved it but she thought it would be much bigger than it was! i'm not a hugeee harry potter fan, but i love going to things like this so i think i'll go next year. is a lot of it interactive or no? x

    1. There is quite a lot of interaction but its more about looking at stuff really lol I know what you mean about being bigger but think 3hrs is enough lol xxx