Monday, 30 April 2012

My Kind of Websites

Right so shopping is dead, yea right it's now all about online!!! anything you want you can get it. If I see a review about something you can "only" get in the USA or Europe first place to go is eBay. It's amazing its literally what I want when I want it how I want it, either online delivered to my door or of out for a shopping trip and enjoyable day. So I thought I would share some of the website I use and browse lets say constantly.

First and I'm not sure how many people know about this but It's called She's A Secret Shopper and I love the Celeb spotted section where you can find out where a celeb got that outfit! And its not just celebs its TV shows I used to stalk this website when Take Me Out was on to find out where the girls got thier dresses from.
You can become a member and post your own your requests and own pictures, you can also ask others for help and advise.
So here's the link please go check it out there's much more to it then what I've just said but there my faviroute bits

She's A Secret Shopper

So next when I'm reading a magazine and I like something from a website I haven't heard of I keep a note book with them all in so when I'm struggling for an outfit I can remember the millions of websites I've looked at and liked before.
Here's a list for a few of these websites:

Another trick that I learned from a friend it the Shop Bop website that sells mostly designers clothes shoes and accessories from across the pond. The twist with this is its free world wide delivery over $100 (yep that's dollars) but if you find say a watch you likes that's quite expensive its so much cheaper by the time the exchange rate has gone through and free delivery save yourself a fortune.
Here's the link

Shop Bop

We also cant forget about the old favourites as ASOS and BooHoo which don't usual fail to deliver.
I hope this has been helpful and I'm sorry if you have heard of these before please tell me about the websites you 'stalk' and would recommend.

Liz xx

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Liz Earl Cleanse & Polish

I am a Liz Earl virgin up until today anyway and after reading so many great reviews and loads of bloggers that love it i decided to take the plunge!

For my first purchase I choose to get the Liz Earl Cleanse and Polish starter kit that contains 100ml of the cleanse and polish and two muslin cloths to. Its RRP about £14.25 which I thought was very good value for what you get and how good it was meant to be.
Liz Earl Cleanse & Polish

So I have only used this product once but I'm a little disappointed if we are being honest. It smells great all natural and just like you would expect and the texture is creamy I was expecting it to be bitty but its not at all. I followed the instructions and put two pumps onto my hand and rubbed in circular motions into dry skin, I put the muslin cloth in hot water and rung it out so it was just damp and cleaned the rest of the cleaner off.

Liz Earl Cleanse & Polish Starter Kit

My skin did look bright but I'm not sure if that was any brighten then when I use my Clinque three step. I did finish off my mini facial with the Clinque toning lotion and the Clinque dramatically different moisturiser. My skin felt OK after this but didn't feel the best its ever felt, it looked a bit brighter but was still dry. As I have such problem dry skin I'm going to give this a good go for a few weeks and see how I get on but I'm not holding my breath.

Hope this has been useful please let me know your experience with Liz Earl or other similar products you have used.

Liz xx

Friday, 27 April 2012

April Glossy Box Preview

Hi guys so its that time of the month, Yep April Glossy Box is here!!! I thought I would do a quick post about what's in this months and an overview. The theme this month is all about being green (not literately) but all the products this month are ethical goodies that have come in a 100% biodegradable box which I quite like.

Glossy Box April

Figs and Rouge Peppermint & Tea Tree for lips face & body balm smells fab! and makes my lips instantly soft, but I wouldn't put it on my skin unless its an emergency as it does feel quite greasy. 

Figs & Rouge

Inika Organic Eye-liner in Sapphire, this has to be one of the softest eye-liners I've used it literately glides on. I'm not a fan of the colour as I don't tend to use blue due to the Pat Butcher look but I've got a feeling I may grow to love it.

Inika Sapphire Eye-Liner 

Inika Sapphire Eye-Liner

Philip B Drop Dead Straightening Balm is according to the package a non-greasy silicon-free water-soluble styling aid that give curly or wavy hair a straight, tangle-free, and sleep finish. However I do have quite straight hair to start with so I'm not sure how useful this will be for me but ill keep you updated as it has to be used before you dry your hair. It doesn't smell of anything really which is a little disappointing but we shall see.

Philip B Drop Dead Staightening Balm

Monu Professional Skincare Enriched Body Cream is a very thick cream with a smell that I cant really describe but its fresh and I feel slightly lemony. It soaked in very well but it did however leave my skin a little greasy but that didn't last long. As I have very dry skin and this did nourish it for a little while but didn't last very long, if you have normal skin then this could be fine but I'm not convinced for very dry skin.

Monu Professional Skincare Enriched Body Cream

And last but not least the Caudalie Vinosource SOS Thirst-Quenching Serum which by the title I was quite excited about. Smell wise it isn't anything special but did leave my skin very smooth and very touchable but I will have to give it a few days to see it it lives up to its description so ill keep you posted. 

Caudalie Vinosource SOS Thirst-Quenching Serum

If your lucky enough to have the April Glossy Box please share your thoughts on the products and the theme for month, hope this was useful thanks for ready :)

Liz xx

Sunday, 22 April 2012

First blog! :)

Hi Guys

So the start of my very first Blog, Oh these are exciting times!!

I thought I would say a little introduction about what you can expect from me and why I hope you keep reading. So I'm 24 I live in greater Manchester and I've worked in a large department store for just over a year now and this has started my love affair with everything fashion and beauty related.

I'm sure over time this will evolve into what ever path it takes but I'm intending it to be aimed at people with the same kind of passion for fashion as I have. Along with the people like me who are only just dipping their toes into the beauty world.

I've got a YouTube Channel on the way to and I hope you enjoy my videos that will be up and ready very soon.

I hope you choose to come on this journey with me!

Liz xx