Friday, 28 September 2012

Liz Earl vs REN

Hi guys

I while a go I did a review for a REN facial exfoliator check it out here. Now when it ran out a few weeks a go I was going to repurchase but decided very unlike me to try something new, I really don't do this very often as when I love something I usually stick to it.

The reason I decided to go for the Liz Earl Gentle Face Exfoliator is simply because I love my cleanse and polish. When I first tried the cleanse and polish I wasn't bowled over but after sticking with it for a while I really started to see the benefits. The Facial Exfoliator does exactly what is says on the tin and as long as I keep up with it using it twice a week I see great benefits.

The consistency compared to the REN is slightly creamier but the particles are pretty much the same. As for effectiveness I think they are both as good as each other really I wouldn't either of them was marginality better then the other. Yes I know this isn't much of an answer but its true the main difference is the size and cost.

REN retails at £18 for 150ml and the Liz Earl £13.50 for a meanly 70ml, yep problem solved get the REN. I think for the next facial exfoliator I may try Origins Never A Dull Moment Skin Brightening Face Polisher With Fruit Enzymes. 

Whats your favourite facial exfoliator? let me know if you have tried the Origins one or know of a good review.

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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

It's A Knock Out

Hi Guys

If I haven't said before I love my job inside and outside of work and this is one of the many reasons why.

We got to participate in a company wide Its A Knock Out with the original games, not that I'm old enough to remember but so I'm told. The day was not a team building day it was all voluntary and totally in the name of fun.

So here's a few pictures for you to have a nosey at.

Great Effort On The Outfits

Squeaky Clean 

Money Shot

Up And Over

I had such a great day even though I got completely wet through. The best bit about the day, out of the 13 teams that participated we won! yep did you really expect anything less. Have you every done some interesting work activities?

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Sunday, 16 September 2012

The Book Made For The Freezer

Hi All

How are we did you have a good weekend? unfortunately I've been working all weekend so no exciting day trips or drunken nights out for me. I thought I would do another book review for you guys if your looking for a none stop thriller to keep you entertained.

Like me you will be able to relate so much in your life to a friends episode. Do you remember the one where Joey and Rachel swop books and when Joey is scared he puts his book in the freezer, Well that how I feel with this book.

John Connolly The Wrath Of Angels, A Good Thriller

The author John Connolly is one of my favourite and I always can't wait for his books to come out. Most of his books are from the Charlie Parker series, a private investigator in the State of Main. 

Charlie Parker's wife and child where murdered when he was a New York city cop and the first book is him hunting down their murderer. The best thing about these books other then Charlie's best friends Louis & Angel, the gay hit men couple who are hilarious but the underlying tones of the fantasy. There is always a super natural element to the books that make them totally terrifying. 

I read this book whilst on holiday and actually totally freaked myself out but not in an awful way but in a anticipation, page turning, butterflies in the stomach kind of way. 

If you fancy getting into the Charlie Parker series even though its good to read them in order its not totally necessary. If you fancy a little bit of John Connolly without devoting yourself to the series try Bad Men. 
Bad Men is a stand alone book which is under the same lines of the Charlie Parker and is just as amazing.

If your into thrillers your going to be into this, I highly recommend them all. 

Have you read any of the John Connolly books, what do you think? 

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Holiday Poser

Hi guys

One thing I noticed the last few times I've been abroad it only seems to be us British who really 'dress up' for a night out. Either that or I make way to much effort, however my hotel this year defiantly catered towards the Europeans. Now I don't want to make a sweeping generalisation but the people in my hotel looked like they had come straight from the pool just added a little make up.

Hence how I didn't really get to wear my usual type of outfits but here's a few of the nicer ones.

I bought this French Connection bandage dress last Christmas time as I think It was about £60 and even though the picture doesn't show its very well its actually a burnt orange colour. I stopped wearing it after seeing pictures of myself in it and actually tried to sell in on Ebay with no luck but with a tan I feel so much better in it.

Holiday Otufit, Bandage French Connection Dress
Strike A Pose 
I used this dress in another outfit post I did when we actually got some sun at home check out how I styled it  here. This time however I picked a little skinny pink belt and a pair of strappy pair of pink heels.
The dress its self was something life £16 from H & M and that why I love shopping there all the time. 

Holiday Outfit, H&M Dress
There's Nothing To It
This is actually a trick picture from my holiday last year, I did wear this outfit this year but the picture was even worse then this one, yes I'm vain. All of this outfit is from River Island last year in different shopping trips but these are defiantly my favourite shorts. I love the fact they are a little bit tailored and with a loose blouse I think they look great.  

Holiday Outfit, Tailored Shorts and Blouse, River Island Shorts and Blouse
Vogue Erm Maybe Not

Hope you like a outfits from my holidays I felt really good in these outfits but I guess everything looks better with a tan. 

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Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Hi Guys

So I'm back from Tunisia, well actually I've been back since Saturday but on Sunday me and the guys from work participated in It's A Knock Out and ill do a separate post about that.

I thought I would share a few of my holiday pics with you and mix that in with a little sprinkle of outfit posts.

This was taken in Monastir, Its the mausoleum of Habib ibn Ali Bourguiba who was the first president of Tunisia only back in the 1950s.

Tunisia, Monastir, Holiday Pictures in Tunisia
Well Covered

Tunisia, Monastir, Holiday Pictures in Tunisia

 I loved the friends we make on holidays they are always such lovely people.

Tunisia, Monastir, Holiday Pictures in Tunisia
You Gota Have Friends
The self portrait of the lovely couple

Tunisia, Monastir, Holiday Pictures in Tunisia, Holiday Outfits, Beach Cover Ups
Here's a few items I bought just before we jetted off and I couldn't be happier with them. Usually around the pool I'm a denim shorts and vest top kind of girl but this year I thought I could try a few cover ups.

Tunisia, Monastir, Holiday Pictures in Tunisia, Holiday Outfits, Beach Cover Ups
Ready To Hit The Beach
 Both of these are from H & M and I felt really good wearing these, you know when its lunch time and you wonder off with a wet bum and feel like everyone is staring at the mess that you look, or is that just me. 

The blue one cost me £10 and is very thin material which is perfect for drying quickly in the sun. I just made sure I wore it with a similar coloured bikini.

Tunisia, Monastir, Holiday Pictures in Tunisia, Holiday Outfits, Beach Cover Ups
Pretty In Pink
This one has to be my favourite but this picture doesn't do it justice and I'm blaming the boy for the photography skills. This cost me £16 but is better material, it didn't come with the belt but I had a skinny pink belt and it matched perfect. I have to say the collar detail and buttons really make it a little more dressy without be to much worn with a simple pair of sandals.

I hope you've all had fab holidays this year and I'll be doing another post with my night time outfits. 

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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Black Sparkle & Night

Hi All

So last week I put a call out on twitter for a nice black glitter polish and no one really answered my question even though I got some ideas of how to make one. I did see a lovely Nails Inc one but at £11 I decided to give it a miss, so hence this little beauty from W7, A brand I hadnt really noticed before.

W7 Cosmic Black, W7 75, Black Glitter Nail Polish, Cheap Black Glitter Nail Polish
w7 Comic Black

W7 Cosmic Black, W7 75, Black Glitter Nail Polish, Cheap Black Glitter Nail Polish
A Bottle Of Night

I picked this up for the bargain price of £1.99 from a market stall and I think my luck was in. I'm defiantly going back to get some more of these as they do them in loads of colours. This one is called Cosmic Black number 75.

W7 Cosmic Black, W7 75, Black Glitter Nail Polish, Cheap Black Glitter Nail Polish
Classic Black With a Twist

W7 Cosmic Black, W7 75, Black Glitter Nail Polish, Cheap Black Glitter Nail Polish
Ooooo Shiny

W7 Cosmic Black, W7 75, Black Glitter Nail Polish, Cheap Black Glitter Nail Polish
Glitter Glitter

Now even though the colour is amazing and exactly what I was looking for the staying power or 'chipabilty' isn't so great but for £1.99 I'm not complaining to loudly.

So what do you think? have we tried any other W7 polishes?

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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Scarf It Up

Hi guys

I said to myself this winter I'm making it my mission to accessories my outfits more as I'm not very good at it. So one main thing I'm going for is scarves, in all shapes colours and sizes.

Zara Skull Scarf, Skull Scarf, Zara Scarf, How To Wear A Skull Scarf
I See Them
I couldn't believe my luck when I spotted this beauty in Zara when I wasn't really looking for it. The only thing I wish was different is they should do this in a load of different colours as I would buy them all, seriously. They do do two similar scarves with the same print in different colours but not with the lovely gold sequin detail.
Zara Skull Scarf, Skull Scarf, Zara Scarf, How To Wear A Skull Scarf
A Girl Gets Excited Over Sequins
The main things your all waiting for is how much it cost me and yes it wasn't dirt cheap but I think for the quality £17.99 its much cheaper then the McGueen ones I always covert.

Zara Skull Scarf, Skull Scarf, Zara Scarf, How To Wear A Skull Scarf
Its All In The Detail
This is the way I would usually wear it but I love the Idea of wearing it with a summer dress making it a little bit more interesting. I'm going to be taking this on my holidays so ill try and take plenty of pictures to show you if I do anything interesting.

Zara Skull Scarf, Skull Scarf, Zara Scarf, How To Wear A Skull Scarf
Pretending I'm Cool

Zara Skull Scarf, Skull Scarf, Zara Scarf, How To Wear A Skull Scarf
But Not Quite Making It Happen
What do we think? A bargain and a great find? or just a regular scarf with nothing to get excited over? I know my answer what't yours?

Thanks for reading

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

A Nine Book Mission


How are we all?

I thought I would add to my little book review collection that I've got going on with this rather large series of books called The House of Night by P.C Cast and her daughter Kristin Cast.

House Of Night Series, Book Review House Of Night
Not My Picture, Kindles Don't Photograph Well
Its actually a ten book series so far following the journey of 16 year old Zoey Redbird who is newly marked by a Vampire Tracker and starts to undergo the change into a fully fledged vampire. To go through the change successfully fledgling vampires must be around adult vampires at one of the House of Night schools.

I love these books for several reasons, the first being that the books are set so the world knows vampires exist and goes through some of the family turmoil these fledglings go through once they are marked.
The second being its such an easy but addictive read, think twilight but less of the Bella I feel so sorry for myself and think kick as heroine but still with very attractive teenagers going through normal teenage dramas.

Yes OK it is a teenage read but technically Harry Potter is for kids and there my favourite books to read again and again.

Zoey mostly narrates the first few books but as you get further into the series character development stars to build with the twists and turns in the story.

There are plans for a film which I pray and hope they do well and not to cheaply as this could actually become a film series that could rival twilight. For those who do read all ten books like I have in oh I don't know a month! you will become gripped and I cant wait till the next ones out.

Thanks for reading and let me know what your reading at the moment.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Art Deco Set

Hi All

Now I've been in my local Debenhams countless times and walked straight past the Art Deco counter without a second glance.

Now this is my usual choice of colour but it was a freebie of my Grandma, yes strange but true. I went round for a brew and came home with a nail polish and matching lippy.

Its a shame with such a usual brand name they couldn't name their nail polishes something cool unlike number 06 Orange Tawny but that's me just being fussy. Looking at their website I was quite impressed with the range of colour they have on offer and what a big brand they are. According to them they outsell Chanel and Mac in Europe and are present in over 88 countries, Strange how I've never tried it before this.

Art Deco, Art Deco Orange Tawny, Orange Nail Polish, Art Deco Nail Polish
Oranges & Lemons

Art Deco, Art Deco Orange Tawny, Orange Nail Polish, Art Deco Nail Polish
The Bells Of St Cements

Art Deco, Art Deco Orange Tawny, Orange Nail Polish, Art Deco Nail Polish
Burn Me Orange

The quality of the nail polish was actually quite a nice surprise and even though I did put a top coat on, the colour its self was still quite glossy. It lasted quite a few days and I choose to take it off rather then it starting to crack, chip and peel.

The Lipstick my Grandma tells me was advised to her as matching set and I must say they do match quite well. I had to look up the colour name and type of lipstick and it turns out its called Soft Praline 67 and is a Perfect Colour Lipstick.

Art Deco, Art Deco, Orange Lipstick, Art Deco Lipstick
Nuts & Sugar

The texture is actually lovely its shiny and soft, it feels like its really moisturising my lips. Yes I am be taking a drip to Debenhams to have a nosey at some of their other lipstick shades.

Art Deco, Art Deco, Orange Lipstick, Art Deco Lipstick
Art Deco, Art Deco, Orange Lipstick, Art Deco Lipstick
Flash Me
Staying power isn't great but it being quite subtle I think I could reapply this a few times a day quite happily and it has made it into my handbag. 

Have your tried anything from Art Deco? let me who what's your favourite.

Thanks for reading

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Let If Grow

Hi Guys

There's been a lot of hype around the Lee Stafford Hair Growth range and I'm jumping on the band wagon.
At the moment there's an offer on in boots three products for £12 and as the Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment add up to £22 why say no to giving it a try.

So here's the 'science' bit 
The Lee Stafford Hair Growth Range contains a pro-Growth complex for strength within. A protein based complex to fertilize your follicles, creating a healthy environment on the scalp to help hair grow faster and reach its maximum potential length.

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Shampoo Conditioner and Treatment
Let It Grow Let It Grow Let It Grow

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Shampoo Conditioner and Treatment
No Extensions Needed

Personally I've been growing my hair for years, seriously years. When I was little my mum decided to cut all my hair off and I literally looked like a boy and hated it. I hated it when girls at school got to do loads of stuff with their hair and I was stuck everyday with the same thing. I literally had to wash it and style everyday to make it look decent. 

I decided that the best way to see the results was to actually measure my hair growth. I've tried to do a little research into the average hair growth over a period of a month but the answer is everyone is different and several things can effect it. One being diet, its strange how everything about you seems to rely on diet but we are all guilty of miss treating it 'A moment on the lips a life time on the hips' should be a moment on the lips and your weight, skin and hair will suffer. 

Here's a picture of my hair on the 1st of September and in a months times ill take another to show you how well or not well I'm doing.

Bad Dye & Split Ends

What are your hair growth tips?

Thanks for reading

See You In a Week

Hi All

I'm lucky enough to be going on my jolly holidays today, and the crowd cheers. Actually by the time you read this I may already be on the plane jetting off into the sunshine.

Where am I going I hear you ask well as it was a little but last minuet (booked last week) were off to Tunisia. Its not some where I've even looked at before but the price was right so off we pop.

Ive got quite a few posts to share with you over the next seven days so give me a few days when I get back to reply to any comments. I'm share ill have plenty of pictures to share when I get back.

Have a fab week