Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Holiday Poser

Hi guys

One thing I noticed the last few times I've been abroad it only seems to be us British who really 'dress up' for a night out. Either that or I make way to much effort, however my hotel this year defiantly catered towards the Europeans. Now I don't want to make a sweeping generalisation but the people in my hotel looked like they had come straight from the pool just added a little make up.

Hence how I didn't really get to wear my usual type of outfits but here's a few of the nicer ones.

I bought this French Connection bandage dress last Christmas time as I think It was about £60 and even though the picture doesn't show its very well its actually a burnt orange colour. I stopped wearing it after seeing pictures of myself in it and actually tried to sell in on Ebay with no luck but with a tan I feel so much better in it.

Holiday Otufit, Bandage French Connection Dress
Strike A Pose 
I used this dress in another outfit post I did when we actually got some sun at home check out how I styled it  here. This time however I picked a little skinny pink belt and a pair of strappy pair of pink heels.
The dress its self was something life £16 from H & M and that why I love shopping there all the time. 

Holiday Outfit, H&M Dress
There's Nothing To It
This is actually a trick picture from my holiday last year, I did wear this outfit this year but the picture was even worse then this one, yes I'm vain. All of this outfit is from River Island last year in different shopping trips but these are defiantly my favourite shorts. I love the fact they are a little bit tailored and with a loose blouse I think they look great.  

Holiday Outfit, Tailored Shorts and Blouse, River Island Shorts and Blouse
Vogue Erm Maybe Not

Hope you like a outfits from my holidays I felt really good in these outfits but I guess everything looks better with a tan. 

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  1. I know what you mean. Europeans just seem generally laid back about everything! I think it's nice to make the effort when you go out though. Lovely outfits. I think my favourite is the one with the shorts. I've been after a pair for ages but cant find any that fit properly so now I have shorts envy haha. x

    1. Thank thanks hun I wish we had the weather for tailored shorts all the time xxx