Saturday, 9 June 2012

Mini Mac Haul

We all love a little Mac treat and recently I've had no problem of justifying a few little Mac treats.

So a few weeks ago me and the boy had a trip into Manchester and why I left him watching the rugby on the big screen I had a nip into Selfridges.

I'm not usually one for lipsticks but I'm learning and becoming addicted, so I purchased a Lipstick and an Eye-shadow.

Mac Gleam and Lustering Swatch

The Lipstick is one that you can wear just as a little colour or as something quite dramatic but I wear this for work and mostly use it subtly

Mac Lustre Lustering

Mac Lustering     

The eye shadow is exactly me, its subtle and shimmering and like all my Mac eye shadows its lasts all day. I'm sorry I haven't got a picture but this is also a good one for blending with browns and to do a good smoky eye.

Mac Gleam
Mac Gleam

I hope you like these little Mac treats just as much as I do, and ill be continuously adding to my collection.

Thanks for reading :)

Liz xxx

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