Monday, 11 June 2012

Rainy Weekend

Hi guys so yet again the weather has been rubbish! well up north it has at least and I had a three day weekend. If your boss tells you your not really needed on a Saturday and to come in an extra day during the week who am I to argue.

So the boy had a brilliant idea as it was raining and rather cold that we should go ice skating at Blackburn Ice arena, here's a link.

I did look at going go-karting but it was £20 for 20 minuets each! and thought that was a complete rip off so off ice-skating we went. And I have to say that it was great fun!

Ice Skating (sorry for the rubbish picture)

Ok so I am Bambi on ice and it took me a few minuets to let go of the side but within half an hour I was whizzing round with the best of them.

I may be slightly exaggerating with how quick I was whizzing round and may of fallen oh at least 8 times, not that I was counting.
I would like to protest that not all of them where my fault as I do sort of freak out when other people, including small children invade my personal space.

However my mantra for the afternoon began 'do not lean back, do not lean back, do not lean back' as every time I did in an attempt to steady myself I ended up flat on my ass!.

The last fall was obviously the most dramatic as I started to get to cocky going round the bend. I was simply to close to the boy and ended up shouting 'to cocky to cocky to cocky' as I crashed into him dragging him down with me in spectacular style I may add.

I may have sustained several injuries including hand, wrist, feet, ankle, groin strain, and two lovely bruises for my efforts but I had a great time.

Knobbly Bruised Knees

For Sunday's we usually do some visiting of the relatives in the afternoon but this Sunday we were awake at the crack of dawn and decided to take a trip into Heskin. When I say we were awake I mean I was awake so no one else is allowed to sleep.

Heskin Hall is a farmers market and craft centre and across the road is the antique centre, here's the link. 

Heskin Hall Antique Centre

Since the last time we went they had added so many more shops! but I managed to control myself with my spending.

A unique retail and leisure destination that will appeal to all the family. Featuring over 40 unique shops & businesses which includes a leading art gallery, high class butchers, craft studios, food shops, ladies & gents clothing, gifts with a difference, handbags & jewellery, childrens clothing & toys, Hotter shoes, hairdresser, beauty salon, furniture, pet foot & accessories, ice cream parlour and much more... 

The Two Birds Tea Room makes an excellent stop for lunch offering paninis, toasties, sandwiches, soups and salads using fresh local produce, relax next to out wood burning stove, enjoy great coffee, wine & beer and a catch up with friends. 

The Gift Barn

True Chocolate

Mulberry Moon 

 I really want these pictures though that are hand made to order that can say anything you like, I am tempted to attempt to make my own.

Scrabble Pictures

The only purchases that I made where from the butchers that I cant wait to cook and Ill let you guys if it goes well and some retro toffees. We also saw a gorgeous pine dinning room table but I wont bore you with the details.

Retro Sweets

Its Monday and I have plans to go to give blood and then off to the dentist as the boy is working today. I'm a good girl get up early go for a run make sure I have plenty it eat and drink and set off to do my bit for society. However society has other thoughts and as I go into the centre to give a way a little bit of my precious blood I see a sign in the window saying 'We are sorry but today's sessions are by appointment only' Ok no big deal they send me a letter and it says come along today. But nooooo I'm literately turned away because they don't have enough staff to deal with the appointments never mind anyone that walks in.

You would think escaping the needle would be quite enjoyable and be off on my merry way, I don't seem to function like that and in my wisdom offer to hang around to see if they can see me. The women behind the make shift desks says there's no point and do I want an appointment for next time they have a session. To say I'm disappointed is a slight understatement but they make a national add campaign to get people to give blood and do their bit and then you don't even get to do it. Yes I know its not the poor nurses fault that do the blood bank sessions but I'm still not happy as I don't know when Ill next get chance.

My day then got a little but better with a drip to the dentist, yes you read that right my day got better because I went to the dentist. No I'm not some kind of strange people who likes pain I'm just lucky enough to have a young rather dashing dentist. Is this a little over dressed for the dentist?

Off To See The Dentist

Since I had good news from the dentist and only being told I need to floss more, which I hate I'm treating my self to some lovely Ben & Jerrys as it was half price in ASDA. As I type this I'm being forced to watch the football so I'm spending the evening with Ben & Jerry doing some blogger catch up and penning future ideas.

Ben & Jerry's Core Dough-ble Whammy

Hope you've had a good weekend

Liz xxx


  1. Not at all over dressed if you have a young, dashing dentist! x

    1. Haha exactly what I thought! Thanks for looking :)

      Liz xxx

  2. What an eventful weekend.. :)
    i hope to be going ice skating this weekend, i too am very bambi like! :)
    Love the all ok dentist treat.. yum!
    I love farmers markets and handmade items..

    1. Thanks for your comment hun! It took me two days but I managed it all with out sharing lol hope u have fun ice skating and don't end up with bruieses lol

      Liz xxx

  3. Thanks! I didn't realise how long it's was at first so thanks for taking the time lol

    Liz xxx

  4. This post really made me smile, especially the dentist part! I bet those teeth folk have never seen a girl stroll in for flossing conversations looking so bloody beautiful and glam! LOVE that skirt, you look sexaaaaaaayyyyyy. Wink.

    Thank you so much for finding and following my blog! It has lead me to yours, and now I can stalk you forever! :) xXx

    1. Haha love this comment!! I take very regular trips to the dentist! Lol

      Thanks for taking the time to look at my blog! Loving yours :)

      Liz xxx