Thursday, 14 June 2012

Share The Nails

Hi guys

For anyone who was lucky enough to join in with the #bbloggers on twitter on Sunday you may have already picked up on this if not here's the details. From 8 till 9 beauty bloggers get together on twitter to discuss one topic, Sundays topic was how to gain more followers. But don't worry not one of the scam ways of doing it but the genuine way to attract new readers and followers.
One of the main themes that appeared was simply be nice to others be polite and only blog about things your interested in and passionate about because if your not bothered your readers wont be either!!

I love joining in these types of conversation because you can 'meet' new bloggers and share and gain great ideas. Straight after to the boys dismay I stayed on twitter flicking through the feeds for anything that took my fancy and look what I came across.

I'm only starting to bother with my nails as I don't like my hands, yes strange but true and don't like to draw to much attention to them. Now this might be me being cynical but most of the nail art pictures of this quality and variation are not normally from the person that posts them but more ideas they have found along the way. However I was completely amazed when I came across this pictures and spend a good half and hour or so flicking through other pictures that where obviously by the same person.

The free nail polish from Marie Claire magazine, Ciate Bonbon 

So taking with me my new found information I decided to write a blog all about @jeffroledge and her amazing nail art because one I love it and two I really want to share it! She has over 50 pictures of her nail art on her twitter page and PLEASE go and check it out but here's a few of my personal favourites.

Bumble Bee Nails, Let It Be Summer!

Mini Mouse

Pop Art Inspired

Now these are the most fancy of all  @jeffroledge  nails but I love them! I love how fun they are and different especially the pop art nails they are definitely my favourites. After asking @jeffroledge how she creates these amazing nails, her biggest tip is to use a art brush and mix your nail polishes to create the perfect colours.

I hope you have enjoyed my little share the nails post and ley me know if you have found any other budding nail technicians with amazing work.

Thanks for reading

Liz xxx

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