Sunday, 3 June 2012

Rock Chick Or Rock Chicken

Hi guys

Yes the weather has been great over these last few weeks very warm and very Un-English like so if I told you that I had bought a leather jacket you might think I was a little strange. However waking up this morning to constant rain and 9 degrees I was very grateful.

The plans for the bank holiday weekend where meant to be great for me and the boy finally having four days off together getting to enjoy the great outdoors. The plan for Saturday was simple off to Tatton Park take a picnic have a nosey at some classic cars and have fun like children on the farm but the weather had other ideas and we ended up in the Trafford centre as per usual.

My shops of choice at the moment seem to be H & M and Zara they can do no wrong for me. I have been on the hunt for a good leather jacket for a while but god I'm fussy. They are either to hard leather to much 'stuff' going on with it, to may zips and the perfect ones being to much out of my price range, until now.

The feel of this jacket is so soft it has that worn it for years feel to it which I love, but buying that jacket wasn't enough and I added a nice grey vest that matches quite well. The leather was only £40 which I thought was a bargain and the vest was £20, I know these are probably not 'new in' but are defiantly a 'find' for me.

Zara Goddies

Zara Leather Jacket
The back of the jacket at the bottom is elasticated and the panels on the back mean that its fits perfectly. The length is not quite cropped and comes a few inches above my hips which gives me a nice slim effect.

The grey vest top enough though plain has a nice studded detail round the collar without being to much. I also bought these with V-Festival in mind as you never know with this English weather. 

Zara Vest Top
The styling of this out fit for V-Festival will be simple black Hunters with grey All Saints shorts the Zara vest and leather jacket, my eye make up with probably be very dark . However for a Sunday visiting Grandmas this is a much more day to day look.

Zara Leather Jacket

The jeans are very old River Island and the shoes are quite new from New Look and I think they cost me about £16 another bargain.

After writing this post I really didn't like the picture of my outfit so here's another one with the jackets, Zara leggings and an old River Island floaty shirt.

Hope you liked my choices, Thanks for reading. 

Liz xxx


  1. Lovely outfit, adore your jacket! xx

  2. Love the shoes with the jacket!

  3. I love this jacket! a great price at £40 its hard to find a good jacket you feel confident in and I think this is a winner!

    1. Thanks! The only problem now is my mum wants one lol cheers for the comment

      Liz xxx