Wednesday, 9 May 2012

At Home Eyebrow Tinting

We all love our little beauty treats every now and again but can we always afford all the treatments we want?? Well I can't, not until my lottery win comes in, so I decided to try tinting my own eyebrows and eyelashes.
I began by search good old Ebay for a professional tinting kit and came across this little beauty.

Julienne Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting Kit

I decided to go for the full kit as it seemed easier then to worry about collecting all the things I needed, but I was unlucky and the brush and the mixing pot were not in the kit. So I used a shot glass to mix it in and a small angle brush to mix and apply the paste. I have since complained to the seller and the missing bits are meant to be on their way.

The kit should of contained:

1 X Glass Dapen mixting Tint Dish
1 x pack 96 Eyelash protective Papers
1 x Eyelash Brow Tinting Brush
1 X julienne Eyelash brow tint 15 ml With Eye Wand
1 x Julienne Eyelash Brow Tint Blue Black With Eye Wand
1 x Julienne Eyelash Brow Tint Dark Brown 15ml With Eye Wand
1 x Julienne Eyelash Brow Tint 15ml charcole Grey With Eye Wand
1 x 50 ml Oxcident Developer 3% Volume
1 x Kit Bag + Instructions.

I did mange to get free post and packaging so the kit only cost me £19.75 which I though was good as to get my eyebrows and eyelashes tinted it costs me £12 and I will easily save money with this product after two uses. 

Here's my eyebrow before I tinted them, I must say though it was only about four weeks since the last time I had them done professionally so they are still a little tinted. 

Eyebrows before tinting
Eyebrow before tinting
As you can see my right eyebrow has a patch missing that bugs me and is the reason I started tinting my eyebrows. 
There are full instructions in the kit but it is very simple, you need to mix about 1cm of dye with three or four drops of the oxident making sure it is fully mixed. Then use either a brush or the precision wand to apply the paste making sure you don't get it on the skin. The instructions do suggest using Vaseline to rub round the eyebrow to stop staining of the skin which I did and it worked well. The kit obviously comes with four different colours and I used the dark brown to do mine but may change to the black for the next time. 

Heres what it looks like when its applied to the skin. 

Eyebrow with dye still on

And here's the results 

Eye brows after tinting
Eye brows after tinting

I left the dye on for about 45seconds which is what it recommends but next time I think ill leave it on a little longer to get them a littler darker.
I have also used this product to tint my eyelashes but didn't take any before pictures so the next time I do it ill do another blog post. The only thing with the eyelash tinting is its slightly tricky to do it yourself and is a little scary putting the dye so close to your eyes.

Hope this has been useful and thanks for readying.

Liz xx 


  1. Your eyebrows look so good! Great job x

    1. Thanks there a bit thin from years of over plucking them but I'll get there lol

      Liz xxx

  2. what a gem of a post. :)
    great blog too btw!
    so glad i was introduced to your blog,this post was exactly what i needed to read. :)
    i love my hd brows.. but money doesnt grow on trees and i need a money saving alternate..
    thank you! :)

    1. Thanks for your comment! I like this kit better as it will last forever and u can mess around and change that shades (if your brave lol)
      Liz xxx

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  3. you can get the same product for under a fiver usually, they sell it in paks or on the internet, sometimes for 2 or 3 pounds, usually 4 or 5

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