Saturday, 12 May 2012

Outfit update

Hi guys! I know you may have already seen this out fit in my blog here but I thought I would post a picture of me wearing it so you can get a better view, unfortunately I lost the picture of me without the jacket on but you get the idea.

Drinks with the girls outfit

The blazer that I added is from Topshop for £65 I bought it a few weeks ago but I'm sure you can still get it and the handbag is Mulberry Bayswater in Oak which I got with my Christmas money and get used to seeing this bag as I use it none stop!! You can get the rest of the outfit details here

Thanks for readying 

Liz xxx


  1. So lucky to have a Mulberry bag x

    1. Thanks hun im never allowed to buy a new bag now lol

      Liz xxxx