Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Chapter One

Hi guys! You may have noticed I've been absent the last two weeks or so, the boy has been away with work and I had soooo much planned so much to blog about but it didnt happen so now braise your self for continues blogger for the next few days.

Anyone that follows me on twitter and please do if you can since my twitter has been suspended for no reason. You may know why I've been absent but if not here is the reason.

My life has literally been revolving round Mr Grey since a week last Sunday and oh my has it been exciting!! Yes that's right I became obsessed with 50 shades of grey and all thanks to my friend at work.

I'm not sure if I've already told you but I'm an avid reader and usually read si-fi fantasy type books and once I start something if it's good it takes over my life. I am the proud owner of a kindle and couldn't live without it! The boy always says I love it more then I love him and oh boy I'm sorry I do, it goes gizmo kindle boy.

Many of you might of already heard about these books (there are three) as at the moment everyone I talk to (even my mum) is talking about them.

So lets start with what type of books these are, i would personally say its an erotic love story. Yes i mean erotic! so if you blush easily then maybe you should find another type of book. Ive never read this type of book before as i usually think of periode books set in some distent land aimed at women of a certain age but trust me this is not like that at all.

The story is basically set in america were a university graduate falls for a multi millionaire who has erm specific tastes in the bedroom department lets say. One word of warning with this is that since everyone is reading it don't be surprised if your reading it in public to get a few funny looks.

The books are broken down into the three stages of thier relastionship and i would pleed that you read them in order otherwise you just wont get the story in full. The first book is definatly a scene setter and quickly moves into the racy bits. The second i think is my faviourte as theres a little more story in this then in the first, and the third should i really tell you, will it spoil it. Well lets just say theres a nice mix of excitement and thrills.

I dont want to go into to much detail about the story as i dont want to spoil it but im giving these books ten out of ten and a must read!

I hope this has been helpful and I think ill do a few more book review blogs if you like this one

Thanks for reading

Liz xxx


  1. I've been debating if i should buy these for a while now, some people seem to hate them whilst others love them.

    Now I think I'm just going to go for it, especially as its only £3 at ASDA :)


    1. Ooooo do it!! I bet you'll end up obsessed!

      Thanks for the comment xxx