Sunday, 13 May 2012

Warning Personal Information Blog!!

As anyone who works in retail will know its very rare to get a long weekend! but I swopped a few shifts last week to help out and it ended in me having a four day weekend, Yep you read that right first time in ages!

This is my first 'personal' blog post so let me know if you would like to read more or less of these :)

So if you have four days off but no major plans what do you do? serious question folks I would love to know

Firday, first things first a looonnnnggg lie in that is well deserved, but as usual im up about 8 o'clock with Gizmo (my cat) deciding its time I got up to feed him.

This is what I wake up to, he is actually sitting on my chest, yes I get the hint!!

Next ponder going to the gym but have a massive fail and decided to ring my dad to see if he can come and fit my cat flap for me. Which as dads do he comes straight round and cuts a hole in my back door whilst I couldn't look with nerves.

Gizmo's Own Back Door

Thanks god I had no need to panic as my dad is amazing and fitted it perfectly! The next step was trying to teach the cat to actually use the bloody thing and it only took two days and having to take the magnetic bit off it.

Saturday, impromptus decision to have a shopping trip and lunch in Manchester with the boy. Im going to do a separate blog on the things I bought and reviews but here's a sneak peak.

Manchester haul

So a few shops done and off to lunch and a cheeky drink, if your ever in Manchester I would recommend going to Albert's Shed on Deans Gates Locks its great and the lunch time menu two course for £10.95 is great value. Here's the link to their website

Fish and Chips Albert's Style

The boy had Fish and Chips and it has to be the poshest I've ever seen and it included the must have slice of bread and butter.

The Boy

Sunday! I'm not sure if some people might think its weird but I'm an active member of the walking club at work (yep big gasp). We have been going out a few months now and have done a few hard walks ie Snowden and a few easy ones, this was an easy one. I'm hoping that next year I can do the Three Peaks Challenge for the Cats Protection League as that's where Gizmo is from. We went up to the peak district this time at Castleton doing the 'Great Ridge Walk', we find our walks from the Walking Englishmen Website here's the link.
Ready to Rock & Roll

The country side is gorgeous round there and we were lucky enough to get good weather even if it was VERY windy.
Once we have finished on our walk we always go to a pub for a victory pint and this time we ended up having a Sunday lunch. If you are in this neck of the woods I would recommend The Castle Inn and you must get a chocolate brownie mmmmmmmm.

Warm Chocolate Brownie

Hope I've not bored you to much with my first 'personal' information blog but I hope you check out some of the places I've been as I've had a great weekend and as for day four! sleep eat and decorate #cries

Thanks for reading

Liz xxx


  1. Definitely enjoy these kind of posts!

    I bet your victory pint was AMAZING. :)

    1. Haha thanks hun It always taste sweeter when you've walked 5 miles to get one lol


  2. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend and Gizmo is gorgeous. bless him sitting on your chest, my old housemates cat used to wake us by scratching and biting. lol. Really liked this post, will look forward to more. x

    1. Aww thanks hun think im going to do a page just for Gizmo (im a proper cat lady lol)

      Liz xxx

  3. nearly threw up with jealousy over the fish and chips, oh gosh. i love personal posts, they're actually my favourite to read because i am a nosey nora. hope you're well! xx

    1. Haha thanks hun!! I chose the pizza bad choice compared to this! I'll do some more like this if ppl want to read it. I love it when other ppl do it for a nosey to lol

      Liz xxx

  4. I love these lifestyle blog posts! I love your walking gear too... very snazzy! :)