Sunday, 16 September 2012

The Book Made For The Freezer

Hi All

How are we did you have a good weekend? unfortunately I've been working all weekend so no exciting day trips or drunken nights out for me. I thought I would do another book review for you guys if your looking for a none stop thriller to keep you entertained.

Like me you will be able to relate so much in your life to a friends episode. Do you remember the one where Joey and Rachel swop books and when Joey is scared he puts his book in the freezer, Well that how I feel with this book.

John Connolly The Wrath Of Angels, A Good Thriller

The author John Connolly is one of my favourite and I always can't wait for his books to come out. Most of his books are from the Charlie Parker series, a private investigator in the State of Main. 

Charlie Parker's wife and child where murdered when he was a New York city cop and the first book is him hunting down their murderer. The best thing about these books other then Charlie's best friends Louis & Angel, the gay hit men couple who are hilarious but the underlying tones of the fantasy. There is always a super natural element to the books that make them totally terrifying. 

I read this book whilst on holiday and actually totally freaked myself out but not in an awful way but in a anticipation, page turning, butterflies in the stomach kind of way. 

If you fancy getting into the Charlie Parker series even though its good to read them in order its not totally necessary. If you fancy a little bit of John Connolly without devoting yourself to the series try Bad Men. 
Bad Men is a stand alone book which is under the same lines of the Charlie Parker and is just as amazing.

If your into thrillers your going to be into this, I highly recommend them all. 

Have you read any of the John Connolly books, what do you think? 


  1. Love book reviews!! these ones look so interesting, will have to pick them up :) i'm currently between books, love to get my teeth into a good one!

    1. Thanks for your comment let me know if u read them I really love them xx