Monday, 30 April 2012

My Kind of Websites

Right so shopping is dead, yea right it's now all about online!!! anything you want you can get it. If I see a review about something you can "only" get in the USA or Europe first place to go is eBay. It's amazing its literally what I want when I want it how I want it, either online delivered to my door or of out for a shopping trip and enjoyable day. So I thought I would share some of the website I use and browse lets say constantly.

First and I'm not sure how many people know about this but It's called She's A Secret Shopper and I love the Celeb spotted section where you can find out where a celeb got that outfit! And its not just celebs its TV shows I used to stalk this website when Take Me Out was on to find out where the girls got thier dresses from.
You can become a member and post your own your requests and own pictures, you can also ask others for help and advise.
So here's the link please go check it out there's much more to it then what I've just said but there my faviroute bits

She's A Secret Shopper

So next when I'm reading a magazine and I like something from a website I haven't heard of I keep a note book with them all in so when I'm struggling for an outfit I can remember the millions of websites I've looked at and liked before.
Here's a list for a few of these websites:

Another trick that I learned from a friend it the Shop Bop website that sells mostly designers clothes shoes and accessories from across the pond. The twist with this is its free world wide delivery over $100 (yep that's dollars) but if you find say a watch you likes that's quite expensive its so much cheaper by the time the exchange rate has gone through and free delivery save yourself a fortune.
Here's the link

Shop Bop

We also cant forget about the old favourites as ASOS and BooHoo which don't usual fail to deliver.
I hope this has been helpful and I'm sorry if you have heard of these before please tell me about the websites you 'stalk' and would recommend.

Liz xx


  1. This is a great post Im going to check them out right now :D surely its only fair for u 2 pay half my credit card bill tho it is your fault it will have smoke comin off it by tonight haha! Have u heard of buyapowa? Thats my fave at the min x

    1. hahaha thanks i cant pay half of my credit card bill lol yea ive only recently heard of it but never bought anything have you

      Thanks Liz xxx