Thursday, 25 October 2012

We Survived!!

Hi Guys

Yep the title is a little dramatic but if you had been to Farmaggedon you would know why. So a few years a go I was in Florida during Halloween Horror at Universal Studios and it was amazing! Seven haunted houses plus loads of other shows, it was truly petrifying.

Now when I saw this years adverts for Farmaggedon I fancied seeing if it lived up to my high expectations. It is situated near Ormskirk which for some is near Liverpool but not to close.

Farmaggedon Review
Death Becomes Us
The tickets cost about £18 but are completely worth it. There where three houses this year Terror On The Farm, Psychosis and I can't for the live of me remember the third, I was to concentrated on running for my life as I got chanced from a man with an ax.

Farmaggedon Review
Before The Horror Begin
Now the pictures aint that great since I have been cameraless for this last month and only had my phone but luckily my new one arrived just in time for my trip to London.

Farmaggedon Review
Looking Terrified

Farmaggedon Review
We decided to do this with Halloween being during the week and none of our friends having a party it was a great way of enjoying the season without to much mess or effort.

Farmaggedon Review
Run For The Hills

Corpse Bride

Whats your plan for Halloween? have you been to Farmaggedon or know another great scare fest.
Thanks for reading Ill be back next week as I'm off to London baby


  1. Great post. I love the photos and it sounds fun! I'd love to do something like this soon (too far away).

    Laura xo

  2. Haha! I love Farmageddon! Theres one in Wakefield too for anyone in the Yorkshire area :)
    I'm just dressing up as a victorian porcelain doll for a flat party :D I've already posted on my blog with my makeup & its quite odd!