Saturday, 20 October 2012

Mac Daddy Will Make You, Jump Jump

Hi Guys

Its that time of year again were we are all running to the shops to buy our jumpers and this year I've decided its all I want to wear. All I want is to wear my leggings a long jumper and curl up on the sofa with a hot chocolate, fire on and a good book.

Hence even though I'm meant to be seriously skint I couldn't say no to this, the material is really nice. Its lovely and warm but not to thick that it can't be worn under a jacket, its all about the layers my friend.

Casual jumper and leggings. H & M heart jumper
Heart You

Casual jumper and leggings. H & M heart jumper
Kris Kross Will Make You Jump Jump 

The main question is where did I get it from well H & M where else. I'm literally wanting every thing they sell at the moment. Its funny how you fall in and out of love with certain shops. Every time I go in I seem to come out after spending way more money then I should but at £14.99 who could say no really.

Have you stared the winter wardrobe shopping yet? what do you think a cosy look or to casual?

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  1. Such a cute jumper!

    Emma x

  2. Love that jumper so cozy

  3. Think of it as an investment. You've bought the jumper, so now you can spend many cosy nights in instead of out spending on other things! ;)
    Mel x

  4. Love. :)
    I only recently shopped in H&M as they were the only high street store to have a (small) maternity range! But I will deffo have a better look around after baby here..
    I ALWAYS have a winter wardrobe as I'm always cold. haha. I LOVE jumpers so much. I actually think I have a problem I buy/want that many!
    But cost nights snuggled on the sofa with a hot chocloate and a blanket.. Can't beat winter inside. haha :)

    1. Just buy it in a bigger size it will look amazing little bump and all xxx

  5. This is adorable! I've been eyeing up a similar one by wildfox which costs... a LOT more! So this is a perfect dupe. So cute and cosy! xx

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    1. Omg I've just had a look what a rip off couldn't even say it is an investment piece x