Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Instagram #1

Hi Guys

I'm such a nosey so and so and I love Instagram post so I'm jumping on the band wagon.
If you guys like these kind of posts as much as I do I'll make them a regular thing just leave me a comment.  

Week in pictures, Instagram Post
1. Fallen in love with a pair of boors in the Trafford Centre Aldo but at £90 they will have to stay their.
2. Shiny tights
3. Getting snuggled down for winter
4. I've been robbed only half a bag of Monster Munch

Week in pictures, Instagram Post
1. New H & M jumper
2. Cosy socks 
3. Sorry kids I've started on the sweets
4. Home made chips and steak

Week in pictures, Instagram Post
1. Morning Curly
2. Say hello to Ted
3. Gizmo before he attacked the last Millies cookie
4. A lovely view on the way to work

Thanks for reading/nosying