Thursday, 11 October 2012


Hi All

As you might have noticed I'm a book warm and am in the middle of a teen reading faze. Basically after I finished reading Jane Eyre I wanted something easy and picked up a couple of fantasy teen reads.

This one I wasn't so sure about by the back but I downloaded a sample to my kindle and after reading that I really want to find out what happened next.

So the book in questions is Fallen by Lauren Kate which is actually a few years old but I'm just finding out about it. It is a part of a 5 book series but at the moment I've only read the first one.

Fallen, Lauren Kate, Fallen by Lauren Kate Review

The story revolves around a young girl called Lucinda Price who has been sent to a reform school after being accused of killing her boyfriend at her last school by setting him on fire. The difference with Lucinda is she can see shadows that follow people when something bad is going to happen, or is it the shadows that make bad things happen.

The main part of the story revolves around Lucinda and another student Daniel, The dark hansom boy she is drawn to the first time she sets eyes on him. However as it is in most teenage fantasy novels its not that simple, there is a love triangle between Lucinda, Daniel and another amazingly gorgeous boy 'Cam'.

Over all I enjoyed this book but I can't say it was the best of this type of book I've ever read.  It seems to start really well but pause in the middle where nothing happens for quite a while before goes out with a bang. This is quite a good holiday book if your looking for one and if your a Twilight fan this might be one for you, involving forbidden love and fallen angels. 

Have you read the Fallen books? what did you think let me know.

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  1. I've actually read Fallen and I quite liked it but weirdly not enough to buy the second book because the blurb for the sequel didn't really seem to grab my attention

    1. I know what you mean it was just ok nothing that I would loved to carry on with. If im stuck for a book I might read it but I'm not in a rush xx