My Favourite Things

I think that its fascinating looking at what other people use and being able to steal ideas from them, so I decided as one of my first thing to do was go through all the little things I've used for a while and I'm in love with and would love it if you can tell me the things you've used for a while and love yourself.

So we'll start from the basics, I love this moisturiser I have very dry skin as I suffer from eczema and I used this for the past three years and its great. I do however have to top up every now and again with a moisturising face mask. I do like the way it feels better then the gel version that Clinque do and its soaks in very well not leaving any greasy residue behind.

Clinique Dramatically different
Moisturising Lotion

I have had a few different under eye concealers but the Bobbi Brown Cream Concealer one is my favourite, they have not long since changed the packaging and the powder from a loose to a pressed and I think its a change for the better. The powder does really make a difference to the way it looks and the way it lasts. You can apply it with your finger making a rocking motion under the eye towards the hairline or a small brush making sure to blend it well.

Bobbi Brown Concealer Beige / Pale Yellow

For a foundation I found that a cream one works the best for me, I used to use the Mac Studio fix until I discovered that Bobbi Brown do a very similar one, so I switched to Moisturising Cream Compact Foundation.  As you can tell I have used quite a lot and I think its great that you can do a few layers for a nice dramatic effect or do a thin layer for a day to day look. It also doesn't seem to dry my skin out like other foundation have tried and lasts really well. I apply it with a foundation brush to work it into my skin making sure it is well blended.

Bobbi Brown Cream Foundation 3.5 Warm Beige

This is a relatively new product for me but I cant believe I have lived without it before. Its a Clinque Almost Powder Makeup that you can wear on its own or as a powder over a cream foundation to help with its lasting power. I apply mine with the large Clinque Bronzer Brush because I think it gives me a good natural look but it does come with a sponge you can use but I have never tried.

Clinque Almost Powder Make-up 04 Neutral 

I always wear a bronzer but I noticed that I was going down the umperlumper road so quickly swopped to a lighter shade in a matt finish. I use the Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder in the Golden Light 1 and i use the Mac 182 Buffer Brush to apply it.This is really good to use for contouring and giving you that summer glow without being to dark.

Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder Golden Light 1

This blusher is amazing for every day or for a night out its the Dior Healthy Glow Awakening Blush that I just couldn't resist as soon as I saw it. I love the way that Dior package their products and this being my first Dior make-up purchase there defiantly will be more. I would be careful with this as it develops over time and I have over done it on a few occasions thinking it looks great when I first applied it.

Dior Blusher Rosey Glow 001 Petal

The Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat is there anything more to say. I think this is great to outline the lips to give them a great shape and obviously under and around the eyes but find that it doesn't sit well with the Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer.

The Original Touche Eclat Radiant Touch

I have had so many different types of Mascaras and this is I guess flavour of the month but it is a good all-round mascara that doesn't smudge over time. It also claims to be conditioning but I'm not sure I have seen much difference and I have been using it almost every day for four months now.

Mac Zoom Lash Plush Black

Its all about the brows! I have seriously become addicted to my eyebrows. I have my eyebrows tinted on a regular bases and think this light pink pencil give them a great finished and groomed look that does give me an eye opening affect but not as much as they shout about.

Benefit High Brow Glow

You cant live without a tin of Vaseline Lip Therapy in your handbag, on your bedside table in your make-up bag or in your desk draw. Currently I'm using the Rosey Lips one that has a nice pink tint but the original is always handy to have not only for lips but for conditioning your eyelashes and even I quick moisturiser in an emergences. I always put Vaseline on my lips before I put on my lipstick as I find it stops even cheap lipsticks drying out quickly.

Vaseline Rose and Almond Oil

My favourite things do and will change over time so ill try and keep this page updated, I hope this has been helpful.


  1. I have always used YSL but didnt even think of using it to outline my lips (I get terrible 'bleeding' and some lipsticks look awful on me) I will have to give this a try! Thank you

    1. Thanks for your comment it's great to be sharing ideas, I use mine just in the bow but you can use it all around please let me know how you get on!! :)

      Liz xxx