Thursday, 2 August 2012

Marble Beers

Hi Guys

I hope your all well and enjoying your week, not worry it will be the weekend before you know it. Now if your in Manchester this weekend Ive got a lovely little pub for you to have an unusual drink in.

Last week I was very lucky and got to do a treasure hunt round Manchester as a team building exercise. So if you saw three people running around Manchester like idiots last Thursday that was properly me.

After we had finished and may I say done a very good job we walked back to the car and decided to stop and have a beer. Now the sun was shinning so as you can imagine every man and his dog wanted to sit outside so we ended up going along Thomas Street in the Northern quarter and stumberling across this lovely little place, 57 Thomas St Marble Beers.

Here's the address to help you find it 57 Thomas Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester, M4 1NA, (0161 832 0521)

57 Thomas Street Marble Beers
57 Thomas St Marble Street

Now to look at this place you would really know what it was but my boss being as cool as she is said it was a nice little place to get some world beers and the air conditioning was amazing.

From the moment I walked in the door I loved this place, its literally once tiny little shop with a few beers on tap but sooo many different types of bottles and even a good section of world teas.

57 Thomas Street Marble Beers
57 Thomas Street Marble Beers
57 Thomas Street Marble Beers
Beer Anyone?
57 Thomas Street Marble Beers, Hopie Beer
Hopie Beer & Shot
57 Thomas Street Marble Beers, Floris Beer
Strawberry Fields
57 Thomas Street Marble Beers, Strawberry Beer, Floris Beers
Strawberry Beer

They even do the most amazing looking finger food to share, including meat and cheese platters that you can build yourself. I unfortunately didn't have time to try the food but will be taking the boy back next time we are in town and force feeding him.

57 Thomas Street Marble Beers
Beer Beer Beer Beer
57 Thomas Street Marble Beers
Something To Eat?

And why not whilst your there have a chat and a beer over a game of drafts or checkers. I think what I love most about this place is the concept of it, the one long table the checkers with bottle tops the friendly atmosphere, it really if a place to be with old friends and make new ones.

57 Thomas Street Marble Beers, Chess & A Beer
If You Can Still See

57 Thomas Street Marble Beers, Checkers & a Beer
Easier Option 
I really hope you get the chance to have a world beer and let me know if you've tried some of the food platters. 

Thanks for reading!!


  1. Wow, that bar looks so nice!

    1. Ps. just thought I’d let you know I tagged you for the Liebster Award

    2. Thanks I need to look at this before I run out of time, The bar was amazing its a defo for an afternoon snack and a different kind on beer xxx

  2. this place looks exactly like one in my town! i love to go there!x

  3. Yea I knew there was a few but the website is rubbish, no proper information at all. Can't wait to go back xxx