Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Never To Much Sparkle

Hi guys

So a few weeks back I did a post where I had used gems on my nails and as you can tell I've now become addicted to using them. I have since doing this almost ran out of gems but that might be a good thing at this rate.

The colour I used was a cheap and cheerful Barry M number called Shocking Pink I used this with the base and top coat also from Barry M. 

Barry M shocking Pink, Nail Gems
Shocking Pink 

Pink Is King
I always let the nail polish go tacky before I put the gems on using a tiny bit of blue tack on the end of a bobby pin. To get the most of lovely little gems I use several layers of clear polish over the top.

I hope your as much addicted to gems as I am! Thanks for reading


  1. I love adding little gems to bring some sparkle! :)



  2. hahah i totally agree! ;)
    love the color of ur nail polisher!