Monday, 16 July 2012

Park Life

Hi guys

I thought I would share a little outfit post with you, I usually make the boy take pictures of me in the dinning room against a plain wall but while the sun was shinning I thought outside pictures would be nice. Now I must explain the reason for the frowny face, Its half due to squinting half due to the boy rushing me saying can we get this over with just in case some one sees us!!

Now the top underneath the cardigan is an very old vest top from whistles that I love but don't wear very often. The cardigan its self is from good old Primark and if I remember correctly was £5. The jeans are from River Island and are a skinny fit just turned up at the bottom. The boots are another River Island purchase I got in the sale for £7.50 check them out in this post here. The handbag is my Mulberry that I'm very lucky to own and treasure it like a child. 

Mulberry Bag, Tan Boots
Lurking In The Trees

Mulberry Bag, Tan Bag
These Boots Are Made For Walking

Vest- Whistles
Cardigan- Primark
Jeans- River Island
Belt- River Island
Boots- River Island
Bag- Mulberry

Thanks for reading I hope you like my little laid back Sunday outfit it would be great if we got some sunshine so I could wear my boots with some shorts but you can but pray. 


  1. so chic! love this outfit, those shoes are lovely. cute blog girl :)

  2. Lovely outfit, what a bargain those boots were!!


    1. Thanks I know couldn't believe my luck! Love the river island summer sale! Xxx