Friday, 20 July 2012

Don't Rain On My Parade

Hi guys

How are we all? I like many am praying for this so called summer weather that is meant to be coming our way. But in the mean time I can pretend its nice and sunny outside and wear an outfit to match without showing loads of skin.

Now let me explain the angle of this picture just in case your wondering, I had my camera on the smallest tripod you have ever seen on top of my garden table hoping that it was at least aimed in the right direction. What I do for a decent picture when the boy isn't at my beckon call.

Zara, H & M, Converse, Leggins and top, denim shirt,
Here Comes The Rain Again

T-Shirt- International £7 check out my post about it here
Denim Shirt - H & M £20
Leggins - Zara Basics
Trainers - Converse £43

I Thought you might also like to know that I'm now on WIWT and you can check out other outfits that I might not always do outfit posts on my blog so check out my profile here 

Thanks for reading hope you liked my outfit 


  1. I love your denim shirt! :)


    1. Thank you!! Love it even more because it was cheap lol xxx