Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Smoke Without Fire

Hi guys!

If you have read my post The Whole Hog you would know that I spent quite a while last Saturday getting ready and doing a smokey eye look. Now for season professionals a smoky eye may be a little bit on the easy side but for me it's quite a feet. I'm not going to lie and say this is the first time I have attempted to do a smoky eye before but in the past I always seem to end up with a drag queen look and not in a good way.

Now to create this look I used two different eye shadows, two different eye liners a set of false eye lashes from eye-lure and my Benefit Bad Girl Lash mascara. 

Smoky Pewter eye shadow from Benefit 
Mac Gleam eye shadow
Bad Gal eyeliner from Benefit
An old black liquid liner from Maybelline

Just to clarify the pictures start in the top left corner and move in a clockwise direction.

Smokey eyes
Smoke Without Fire

1. Line the eye on both top and bottom lashes and smudge
2. Starting from the outer counter and working in I used the Smoky Pewter colour out of the Benefit smoky eye kit.
3. Starting from the inner corner I used the Mac Gleam eye shadow focusing on the crease slowing working my way up and outwards.
4. Curl eyelashes.
5. Apply false eye lashes of choice making sure the glue has had a good two minutes to go tacky. I always apply my lashes starting from the outer corner working inwards as some times if they are to close to the inside they can be quite painful.
6. Carefully line the lashes with a black liquid liner to hide the tell tale signs of false eye lashes
7. Use a good non clumpy mascara to mask the difference between your own lashes and the false one.
8. Go get your self a drink.

I hope this has been helpful for a simple smoky look 

Thanks for reading


  1. lovely eye make up liz! x

    1. Thank you!! Tempted to go more dramatic next time xxx

  2. looks great! :)
    when iv tried this look i look like iv been punched.. :( not the best girly girl at make up i must admit.. :/

    1. Thanks!! It's taken me ages to get the confidence for such a dramatic look xxx

  3. Your eyes look lovely, you've done a really good job. I'm feeling inspired to give it a go again now, as I too usually end up looking like a drag queen when I try it! I am never quite sure if I actually do look like one or if I'm just not used to the look, but I think that really, when I actually manage to do it right, I'll know it!
    Mel x

    1. I think it is getting used to it try using lighter shades and going from there I have now become addicted to this look I always seem to do it! I need to invest in some new colours :)

      Liz xxx

  4. Your eyes look lovely. Might give it a try! :D xx